In this episode, Tsh chats with Kat Lee about… podcasting. It’s a podcast about podcasts. And other stuff, too, of course.

Crash Course! Totally go check it out.

john green
Here’s the Smithsonian app.

smithsonian museum app

And some other going-to-the-Washington-area(ish) resources:

Story of the World (and here’s the recent AoS Podcast with Susan Wise Bauer)
Liberty’s Kids


Kat’s Inspired to Action and How They Blog podcasts (plus her Blog Planning Kit)
Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat
The School of Greatness
God-Centered Mom
Amy Porterfield
The Budget-Minded Traveler
Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me
This American Life
Peter Greenberg

In case you’re wondering, here’s Deep Eddy.

Deep Eddy Pool in Austin

And here’s the post on The Minimalist Mom.

Don’t forget to check out Audible and to use the code in the episode to try out a book or three!

To ask Tsh a question, head here—you can either write an email or leave a voice recording.

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5 comments on “Deep Eddy Family

  1. Great podcast! I bought the Jesus storybook bible audiobook two weeks ago with your free code. Thank you! We have loved the book for years but the audible version is truly spectacular. Hugs from a fellow central Texan!

    • Nichole Feb 2, 2015

      Ooo…I didn’t know they had an audio for Jesus Storybook bible. That would be great for my 1.5 yr old. Bummer…a free code would have been fun. :-) Just found this podcast and love it!!

  2. I grew up in RIchmond, VA, and for my 16th birthday (warning: this is pretty nerdy) I got my parents to rent one of the Colonial Williamsburg houses that is modern inside as a weekend hangout for me and three friends. We did all the historic stuff plus some outlet shopping. I loved it!

    Also, unrelated, what type of microphones do yall use for podcasting? Thanks!

  3. Alissa May 16, 2014

    Just wanted to swing by and say I love the new format! The intro about something you’re interested in right now, the shorter guest discussion, and the listener question at the end – all fantastic. While I enjoyed the longer conversations with guests, it can sometimes feel like the listener is eaves dropping in on a private conversation. This shorter time seems to keep the discussion a little more “fresh” because you’re not dwelling on the in-between. Thanks!

  4. Nichole Feb 2, 2015

    Thank you for the encouragement the focus on the relationship if husband isn’t so much up for decluttering.

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