School? It’s time for school already? Feels like summer just started. Emily and Tsh chat about the dawn of the school year, how they make decisions on what do to, educationally, and that it really is a year at a time decision.


Tsh read Nurture By Nature this summer and loved it—good stuff on kids and personality, and how to parent your kids as though they’re unique people. Because, you know, they are.


Emily’s been doing morning pages. Awesome idea. (It’s an original idea from Julia Cameron.)


They LOVE David Benner. Emily’s reading Sacred Companions; Tsh is reading The Gift of Being Yourself.

sacred companions

the gift of being yourself

Fun news: Emily’s got a gathering at a barn! And you can come.


And don’t forget what Seth Godin says:

If you are willing to do something that might not work, you're closer to being an artist. -Seth Godin

What do you think about dreams—do they mean anything? And what’s your ideal gathering situation—do you like the shiny hotel setting, or are you a fan of the meet in a barn, wear what you want environment? 

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11 comments on “Don’t Be Wacky

  1. Hey! Just tried to listen with the iTunes app and on here and both play Emily’s last podcast with Tsh, #47. Sad! Anyway, wanted to let you know it doesn’t look like the right one is up. Can’t wait to listen when it is!

    • Apparently it’s just the intro that’s wrong. I’ve told Michael (the producer), so hopefully it’ll be switched soon!

  2. Nice episode, I like listening to your podcast very much.

    Thanks for sharing the idea of the “Morning Pages”. Maybe I try that sometimes.

    The intro and outro are from a former episode (“Fake break”). I don’t know if you can change that or if it is that important. Just wanted to tell you.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Tsh! I just started homeschooling my 2nd grader who is not a big fan of math. I would be interested in looking into the math program you are using. Which one is it?

    • Sure thing! It’s Teaching Textbooks. It feels like it’s a grade behind, so my 3rd grade daughter is flying through Level 3 and is going to start Level 4 in about a month or so. So Level 3 should be just fine for your 2nd grader, I think. Hope that helps!

  4. I adore your podcast! So many great resources!! We’re homeschoolers too, and Tsh, I was wondering about the computer-based math program you mentioned?

  5. Diana Sep 5, 2013

    I wasn’t surprised to hear you say there’s a big gap between second and third grade. I did my student teaching in general music, where I got to have all the elementary grades, and there is a big gap between second gradERS and third gradERS, not just the work they do! Second graders mostly had the sweet, little kid, I-want-to-make-you-happy attitude. The third graders had really grown up a lot and it took more creativity to get them to enjoy the music class and be willing to go along with my ideas for them :) So it makes sense that more would be required of them in school–they’re capable of more and different types of thought than second grade.

    Thanks for all your work for the podcast! Made my basket of laundry go much faster today :)

  6. You guys are my people. :) I really enjoy the podcasts… admittedly, I’ve only listened to the ones featuring Emily, but you two are so fun. It’s rare in my life (well, more like it’s never happened except at She Speaks this last summer) to hear women speak like this, about these topics who get me. All this talk of blogging, writing, getting up early to work on this stuff… Thank. You. Also, Tsh, we use Teaching Textbooks for our three oldest – and it saves my life.

  7. April Mae Sep 12, 2013

    I am a graduate student to become a speech language pathologist so I have had to learn quite a bit about the standards for the public school education process. The difference between 3rd and 4th grade is from k – 3 kids are “learning to read and write ” and in 4th grade kiddos switch to “reading and writing to learn”. Hope that makes sense.

  8. Libby Stokes Sep 20, 2013

    My interest was piqued when you mentioned “Nurture By Nature” and I made myself a mental note to check the show notes to get the right title. But before I had a chance to check, I came across it today at Goodwill and since it was a $3 investment, I hedged my bets that it was the same book. I can’t wait to start it!
    Also, I can’t make it to the gathering at the Barn, but if you ever get something similar going (hopefully here, in Oregon!), Tsh – I will totally be there.

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