Tsh talks again with Megan of Sorta Crunchy, her southern friend who shares her penchant for queso and all the glorious food hailing from Austin. A lot’s happened with Megan since she was last on the podcast. For one:

Megan at 22 weeks with TWINS! Aren’t pregnant mamas gloriously beautiful? Lord, have mercy on her and that belleh. She’s got a ways to go still.

Her husband Kyle joked about having twins before they even knew there were two buns in that oven:

Megan shares her maternity fashion woes and has found salvation in maxi dresses. Begone, full-paneled elastic maternity jeans. And also? This seems to help:

It’s fancy.

Megan wrote a fantastic post about learning at home as public schoolers.

Tsh has learned to go with the flow when it comes to traveling with her brood of kids. Laura of Hollywood Housewife has some good packing and travel tips, too.

And a huge thing since Megan’s last podcast: she’s published a book! Written with Laura OyerSpirit-Led Parenting is one of the best, most gracious parenting books to come out in ages.

Megan asked her Facebook friends whether early November means time to whip out the Christmas music. She had no idea she opened Pandora’s Box. So. Many. Opinions. But it did prompt her to publish her own Christmas playlist.

We’re fans of She & Him, Sufjan Stevens, and the classic crooners. But who else? Tell us your favorite Christmas songs in the comments—we need ideas!

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8 comments on “Double Trouble

  1. I adore that you’re revamping the podcast! I loved it before, but now I get to hear all of my favorite bloggers on a rotating basis? EVEN BETTER!

  2. LOVE that you’re back! I started listening to Cmas music today—I do a nice channel mix on Pandora! Congrats on the twins—I have twins, too, who are just about to turn 5. I went 39 weeks! Enjoy, rest, eat tons of protein!

  3. Laura Nov 12, 2012

    Tsh– I just wanted to let you know that I ADORE Sufjan Stevens (my husband and I actually danced to his version of “Holy Holy Holy” as our first dance at our wedding) and he has a new Christmas album that’s coming out TOMORROW, 11/13/12! His multi-disc first Christmas album is on constant rotate during December at our house and I’m excited to add in a new disc or two.

    Also, the “him” in She and Him is an artist named M. Ward. He does a bunch of his own stuff and is pretty great.

    Thanks for all you do! I’m not a Mom, but I still love listening to you and your guests!

    • I heard, Laura! So totally excited about his new one. I’m downloading it later today, I think. And oh! Heard of M. Ward, but didn’t realize that was the him of them.

      And I’m so glad you listen! We’re totally not just for moms.

  4. Kristin Nov 15, 2012

    Thank you for this podcast!!!!!!!!!! It is like a piece of chocolate cake everytime you post a new one! Cheers!

  5. I was listening while pushing my son in a stroller on a long way to the grocery store. I was trying to tell you guys aloud as I walked that it was Joseph Gordon-Levitt and cracking up laughing as you tried to remember his name!

    Also, loved the brief talk about politics. I know important subjects can be touchy, but I appreciated it!

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