It’s the start of a new school year, pumpkin spice lattes are at Starbucks, and college football is on the air—it must be early fall!

You can see Lisa carving out of playdoh/clay/wax/whatever here:

Tsh will be in Australia next week! But sad… no family with her.

CC history songs are cheesy, but man, do the kids learn some awesome stuff.


Please tell us you watch Kid History and Kid Snippets. Here’s this week’s:

Lisa’s got great stuff in her shop for the fall!

lisa leonard's fall collection

Alexandra Creswell takes all the photos for her shop.

They love Instagram (here’s Lisa; here’s Tsh).

And Lisa’s got a bajillion twins in her family. Crazy.

lisa leonard and her sisters

How do you handle the delicate balance of praising your kids’ creations yet still encouraging them to practice and get better? And do you personally love camping—or do you just love it because it makes your kids happy? And what’s your favorite thing about fall?

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One comment on “E for Effort

  1. All the twin ladies’ hair is incredible! Wow!
    I thought the video of Lisa & her family was so sweet. Thanks for sharing that.
    As far as praising kids’ work, I’ve heard a really good tip from a few of my art-teacher friends; praise in a neutral & specific way. For example, saying something like, “I see that [ this rainbow has 10 colors and is so bright.” It’s noticing without praising everything like “that’s so great” when you get 20 a day, they can’t all be great, and the kids knows that and they become addicted to that praise. Stating something neutral (it’s not “good” or “bad”) and specific just shows them what you noticed about their work. That has helped me a lot with my artsy kids. :)

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