Emily and Tsh start off chatting about stuff like end of the school year, test-taking, taking a break from work, and changing jobs—grownup stuff, in other words. In fact, Emily’s husband (and therefore, whole family) are in the midst of a major transition because he steps down from the one job title he’s had for 12 years.

Now? He’s going to be a transponster.


They talk about The $100 Startup:

the $100 startup

The Element:

the element

Hooray for the new Arrested Development!


Here’s The Nerdist podcast episode with Tony Hale—aka, Buster Bluth. (Language warning.)

Tsh and Emily love Stitch Fix! You can follow them on Instagram, too.


Emily recently wrote about her Stitch Fix thoughts, too.

Michael Hyatt’s SCORRE Conference scares them.

Emily’s reading Every Good Endeavor:

every good endeavor

…and Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet:

hotel at the corner of bitter and sweet

Tsh is reading Deconstructing Penguins:

deconstructing penguins

The Penderwicks:

the penderwicks

…and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim:

david sedaris


…and the book she forgot was Common Prayer.

Are your kids out of school yet? What do you think of Stitch Fix? Have you started watching the new Arrested Development? And is it Sedaris or Sedaris?

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14 comments on “Fake Break

  1. I LOVE the books posted here, except if you find the David Sedaris book lacking, it’s the first of his 3 ‘downhill’ books, where they get less funny and more weird, ending with the squirrel one. Recently, his newest book, out this year…is FABULOUS (“Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls”).
    –Die hard David lover

    Sarah M


    • I thought Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls was one of his best yet!!! I’ve listened to every one of his books on audiobook…he reads them and they’re hilarious!!!

      Gray ::: yepindeed.com

    • Good to hear! Yeah, I’ve read some of his stuff before, so I’ve known what to expect. I heard mixed reviews about Owls, so I’m glad to hear another recommendation for it! Thanks.

  2. Mentioning Friends and Arrested Development in the same podcast? Be still, my heart!

    I took a break last month, my second year in a row, inspired by you, Tsh! No social media at all, but I still blogged a teeny bit. Turns out Twitter, IG, and Facebook are the real time and soul suckers.

    And I always welcome businessy talk. Great show, ladies!

  3. Ok, you guys have me very intrigued about Stitch Fix…

  4. elle @ being stepmom Jun 5, 2013

    I just bought two of the books you menuotned and put the rest on my wish list! I am going to reach out to my local family owned book hop about having and parent/kid book club. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Georgia Jun 6, 2013

    Hi Tsh, you mention speaking in Australia in September. Are you sharing yet where you are speaking? Is it open to the general public? I would love to hear you if I could.

  6. I’m glad you’re reading The Penderwicks, Tsh. I read them last year and just loved them. I won’t tell you how many times they made me teary-eyed. We’ll blame that on the pregnancy hormones :)

  7. My daughter (17) & I just signed up for stitch fix! Her first order comes next week & we’re so excited!

  8. Darla Jun 18, 2013

    You two have the best podcasts. I have listened to this one twice. Thank so much for all the great info and for giving me something fun to listen to while I fold clothes and drive kids around!

  9. I have deconstructing penguins on hold at the library. thanks ladies!

  10. alusru Sep 7, 2013

    Tsh! I really, really enjoy your podcasts! I especially appreciated hearing your heart behind why you do podcasts. Though, now I’m not sure if you shared that in this podcast or the more recent one you did with Emily because I just listened to them both back to back. Anyway, I just want to affirm that I’ve always really appreciated how real you are and your desire to portray that. So thanks for being you. :) I also really appreciate you sharing about books you’re reading and recommendations. Thanks so much for these podcasts! They’re so fun!! – Ursula

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