Tsh and Hayley are talking about spring in the midst of their fake spring. C’mon, snow in April? Who needs that. Nobody, that’s who.

Hayley is loving her Analog Weekends:

analog weekend

…and Tsh is loving her Screen Sabbaths.

Do you feel the need for more quiet in your life, too? We thought so.

Still, Hayley did Instagram her podcasting with Tsh during this recording:

hayley podcasting

Fried Okra had the BEST response to the whole Dear-Mom-on-the-iPhone thing.

Hayley (and Tsh) listen to Entreleadership, Dave Ramsey’s podcast.

And Hayley still likes Simplicity Parenting.

simplicity parenting

How do you handle big news with your kids? How do you deal with spring fever? And do you need an offline break, too?


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8 comments on “Father Hen

  1. I taught in a classroom that sent home scholastic catalogs regularly. Teachers get free stuff and get points based on how much is ordered. And honestly, I’m not convinced that public schools are actually interested in education. And when you have to get a kid who has no real interests beyond video games and music, you gotta do books about those things to get them to read — thus the twaddle.

    And am totally a mother hen and quite bossy. Yep, I’m an oldest. I suspect my boy, our oldest, will be like this. I can see it already.

  2. I’m an elementary school librarian, in a public school, in Indiana! Scholastic sends all those materials…the schools and librarians do not choose them. However, it is the decision of the parent afoul teens and the librarians on what you out out. I had t do two Scholastic book fairs this year (Scholastic are MAJOR bullies about this to their librarians) and it was kinda awful. I hear your concerns and understand totally. However, at my school, a large portion of the profits from Book Fair go back to me to purchase new books from library,so that is good…and maybe keep that in mind when picking things out with your child.

    Also, bonus…I was homeschooled until the eighth grade…in the 80s!! My parents weren’t satisfied with public schools. I turned out ok…it’s a wonderful thing if you’re able.

    Enjoy the podcast,



  3. afould teens = volunteers …hahaha! Autocorrect strikes again

    • Yay! Yes, Noah LOVED the book fair, too. And really, I don’t mind spending some money on some “fun reading” in order to support the school and let Noah exercise some control over his money/selections. :) I have nothing but the best things to say about Noah’s teacher and school–they’ve been amazing, I’m just not a super great school mom. Maybe it’ll get more natural with time? :)

      Also, I love your domain name–how fun!

  4. Oh holy cow. I have a daughter with two younger brothers. The youngest is only 6 weeks but she is TOTALLY a tiny dictator and mama hen. If we’re talking about a hovering, pacifier-pushing Mama Hen.

  5. Re: the bombing in Boston, my kids are clueless. Even my 12 yo, he’s just so sensitive. I wrote a post about the same lack of awareness Tsh mentioned. http://mishmashmama.blogspot.com/2013/04/marathon-for-peace.html Sad isn’t it?

  6. Melinda May 17, 2013

    Thank-you, ladies, for chatting about the article that circulated about “missing your kids’ childhood” because you’re on your iPhone. I so agree with you both about not shaming others and not judging why someone is on their phone or what they’re using it for. That article left me simmering and a bit frustrated about typecasting everyone who is on their phone at the park as someone who does it all the time or isn’t paying attention to their kids. Sometimes Mama needs a break or is calling the doctor or is writing a love note to her hubby. Thanks for bringing it up.

  7. I love talking about personalities! That is an interesting observation that many bloggers are first-born introverts. Personally, I am a first-born extrovert. However, I was in Holley Gerth’s “God-Sized Dream Team” and many of the bloggers (100 total) were introverts, it was very surprising to me, I had just assumed many bloggers were extroverts like me. Very interesting…

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