You may have recently heard Tsh’s webinar with Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, but they actually recorded a podcast the week before. And here it is! Complete with a 15-hour time difference between the two. Crazy.

Darren is the guy behind ProBlogger and Digital Photography School, and Tsh finally got to meet him a few months ago in Australia.

Kyle, Tsh’s husband, used it as a learning opportunity with the kids.

Darren, based in Melbourne in the south, comes from a pretty incredible country. For reals. Tsh is totally bringing the whole fam again one day.

Did you know Darren actually started out as a small blogger, just like the rest of us? You can still check out his first blog. He now writes and runs quite a few more, aside from his two main ones—FeelGooder and Twitip, just to name a few. His recent launch is SnapnDeals. Does this man sleep?

One of Tsh’s favorite takeaways from her time in Queensland was learning Darren’s idea of reader profiles. Brilliant.

Darren got to pet an epaulette shark on the Great Barrier Reef. The other guy (on the right) filmed a lot of footage for Discovery’s Shark Week.

Darren got to try paddleboarding!

And both Tsh and Darren got to try SCUBA. Meet Greg—that’s the fish in the upper left-hand corner.

Darren has lots of cute kids:

Three, to be exact.

And both Darren and Tsh will be speaking at Allume this year. Will you?

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5 comments on “From a Land Down Under

  1. melissa Aug 7, 2012

    I listened to Darren;s recent interview with Tsh about blogging. I loved it. It was filled with helpful information for both beginning and blossoming bloggers. Plus, I’m a big fan of people like Darren and Tsh who know that it’s not a competition online. There’s room for all us and the better we each do, the better we all do. Now I’m off to listen to this one. Thanks!

  2. Haha! I never imagined Darren with an Australian accent before! duh! :)

    • I remember when I first met him, I KNEW he was Australian, but it still took me back for a bit. Now it just seems like part of him. :)

  3. Georgia Aug 9, 2012

    Oh wow, I went to the church Darren mentions when he was a pastor there, so it was just so cool to hear his voice again. Thanks for the podcast. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Australia.

  4. Tsh, i cannot thank you enough for your generous podcast. I have been blogging for years ad have been a self-taught web/blog designer for over 12 years but now I’m wanting to take our family blog in a new direction and hope to make a profit to help my family’s budget as I stay at home while talking about things I love and do to help other families. I homeschooled my daughter from age 3yr til this year 18yr when she graduated and now with our adopted son we are trying private school with a blessing of a scholarship so he can go, which gives me time to work on growing my blog. I strongly believe in the “pay it forward”/mentor mentality. Thank you for reiterating that. I received so much help from your podcast, I cannot thank you enough. Going to seminars and such is not something we can afford at this time so things like your podcast are a blessing.
    Jen @

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