Sigh… It’s almost the end of the school year. Are you as tired of school as your kids? We are.

Kat was down at the police station. Intense.

police station

police station

And the police tower that used to be Kat’s OB/GYN office. It’s as weird as it sounds:

police tower

Ikea cups vs. jelly jars… Jelly jars win.

cup showdown

Rachel at Small Notebook takes off a whole month of blogging every summer (at least she used to). Tsh does, too, but still runs regular posts.

Kat loves the Little House audiobook series for road trips. Tsh’s kids like Magic Treehouse.

Short for girls—why, oh why are they so short? Thankfully Bermuda shorts are kinda hip.

Kat’s new site: brilliant. Check out How They Blog to read about a featured blogger of the week. Love!

how they blog

How do you keep your kids entertained in the car on long road trips? Have you found good spill-proof cups for kids? And where do YOU buy non-sleazy shorts for girls?


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21 comments on “Gauntlet Month

  1. Enjoyed the show… listened to it on a long drive this morning. I remember when my daughter was Tate’s age and the legs were growing faster than her waist. One of our solutions for the shorts dilemma was cutting off the jeans and pants that had gotten too short but still fit around the waist and hemming some, and letting her fringe-out some of the others. We got to try out lots of different lengths as we snipped away….. Good luck!

  2. It is 22 today, so that’s what…72? And it’s only May! Canada is totally warm in the summer, and our days are longer.

    • Right now I’m on holiday in North Carolina and it is warmer back home in Ontario! Love Canadian summers, though I can totally understand not wanting our winters.

  3. Ashley May 4, 2013

    This episode made me laugh a ton! I’m from Lubbock, TX and completely understand the “been driving for hours and we’re still in TX” feeling. I live in Northern Virginia now and can drive through 4+ states in an hour. Much different!!
    I have littles but I think age 4 is the minimum age for once in a life Disney trip. My 4.5 yr old doesn’t remember anything about our trip to Disneyland when she was 2.5. Get past naps and potty training and everyone will be much happier and last longer hours at the park.

  4. Laura May 4, 2013

    Hi Tsh! Have you checked Old Navy? Or target for shorts! Sometimes they have really cute ones and for really great prices! Good luck!

  5. So, I was sweeping up spilled rice from my toddler’s rice tub as I began listening;) Thanks for providing weekly entertainment for my naptime chores and crafts! It’s always a treat!

  6. Holly May 6, 2013

    Boden is pricier but they have a short that isn’t board short but definitely longer and wears super super well! Also I’ll have to check out Kats blog, we are self employed so I love reading about how people who blog balance life and work even though I don’t blog.

  7. I buy about 90% of my kid’s clothes at Lands End. They always have great sales, and the clothes wash well and last forever. It is worth it to me to spend a little more and have them last long enough to pass down from kid to kid.

  8. Jenny May 7, 2013

    I find the thrift stores to be a great place to shop for shorts, at least ones that have them hanging on racks. Then you can just go to the rack of your (or your child’s) size, and easily see the ones that hang down longer than the rest, and just pull out those ones to choose from.

  9. We live up in Blaine WA (literally where the main border is to get into Canada straight up from Seattle) and there is SO MUCH to do around here. Literally 2 hours south & you’re in Seattle, and all the wonderful things that direction, and hours north into the mountains past North Van, too. Something really fun for the whole family to enjoy is biking around Stanley Park. It’s free (unless you have to rent bikes if you don’t take yours along) and it’s a wonderful 5.75 mile ride around the Sea-wall. There are beaches to stop at, 2 large, fun parks for the kids, and the views are absolutely glorious! We just did this last weekend, and my 5 year old was able to go the whole way’round on his own, with our 4 year old in the trailer. It’s also the BEST way to get around downtown Vancouver (bikes) especially with little kids. You don’t have to sit in traffic, and the bike lanes are fully protected from the car lanes. It’s the way to go.
    Have fun!
    Sarah M

  10. Angela May 7, 2013

    Old Navy has some longer shorts that can be rolled up (at still a decent length) or made long. Plus the shorts had adjustable waist. My 13 year old daughter said that they looked like mom shorts, but since she has long legs and the shorts have to be down to her finger tips, she wore them. She was proud that another fashionable girl was wearing the same shorts when she wore them!

  11. hey parents! need some traveling/lodging advice!

    For those of you who prefer hotels (as opposed to camping/tenting), how do you make it work when there are little kids/babies whose bed times are as early as 6 pm? Whenever we travel, I only book a hotel that is a suite-room, and one that specifically has a door (not just a wall/partition) to the bedroom. This ensures that kids can sleep and we can still do stuff in the living area, like watch cable and play boardgames. Then when it’s time for us to go to bed, we pull out the sofabed and transfer the kids from our bed to the pull-out. Kids don’t care and don’t wake up. However, this plan couldn’t work when the kind of hotel suite (with a bedroom door) is not available near our destination. We’ve stayed in a standard hotel room only once since having kids, and it was miserable because we had to whisper and tip-toe all night long. In the dark. And no cable, of course.

    any ideas?

    • What about checking into renting a house if a hotel/suite isn’t an option? is one option.

  12. Renee May 9, 2013

    I always listen to your podcast, but I especially love it when Kat is on – she’s just so down-to-earth and I love the conversations you two have!

    About cups for kids, I bought a bunch of small glasses at Goodwill but I was still frustrated with the spilling, so we continue to use “take & toss” cups with lids. The plastic straws never lasted, though, so we ordered stainless steel straws on etsy – the kids can’t bite those!!!

    I wish we could do a road trip, but I don’t think that will be an option for a while with my boys – they hate the car! We’re in Nor Cal and just got back from a trip to San Diego – a 1-hour plane trip felt so luxurious! Previously we’ve gone to Mexico and the plane trip was 6 hours. Doable but not pleasant.

    Thanks for the great podcast, ladies. And, Tsh, enjoy that weekend with your hubby!!! What a great wife you are :-)

  13. Hallie May 10, 2013

    It won’t help you until the middle of summer when the stores start back to school sales, but I always buy my daughters shorts from the school uniform department at Land’s End and Old Navy. Not many colors to choose from, but they are long. I try to go to Old Navy a couple of times in October each year. Usually I can find school uniform shorts in the size she is going to need for the next year for just a couple of dollars each.

  14. Kristi May 10, 2013

    We love the Ikea dishes for our kids! They were redesigned last year and are now less tippy. We have 4 daughters and assign each one a color and a parking place for her glass. Keeps the mystery dirty cup accumulation under control. The remaining two colors are for when friends come over. Sidebar – Walmart has great kid’s sectioned-plates that coordinate well.

    I hear you on the short shorts! We buy long ones when we see them at Old Navy. Just noticing that long colored skinny-jean shorts are pricier than skinny jeans were this winter. I’m going to get inexpensive colored skinny jeans and cut them off.

    On shielding our kids from current events: My kids are a little older than yours. I’ve tried to take the lead in telling my older kids about these big news events so we could have a dialog as needed (2nd – 9th grade.) I was so upset about the shooting in December and pulled myself together to talk to them about it. I was surprised that they weren’t near as upset by it as I was. Some of that may come from having a parent’s perspective, but I think they demonstrated that they’re growing up in a different time than I did. Sadly, I think they’re more used to these crazy violent acts than I am

    Thanks for the great podcast!

  15. Ok I was amazed by the small class sizes!

    In preschool – year 2 I had about 25+ children and I had 30-33 in Years 4-7 (with 1 teacher plus an assistant for the students with severe disabilities).

    This was in two private schools in Perth, Western Australia.

    Even when I worked in one of the more exclusive schools they still had 14+ in the early years.

    :) Melissa

  16. I love Bainbridge Island! Our favorite activity is to rent a little motor boat and go crabbing. YUM!

  17. Maybe check Etsy for shorts? You could probably find a sewer who would make you some custom shorts with your choice of fabric :) Hope you found some!

  18. Ceramic mugs from the thrift store have ended ALL spills at the dinner table. Seriously. Mugs are heavy enough to not knock over, flat bottomed, and have a handle–all good things. We used to have spills every single meal from those dumb Ikea cups. And now we’re going on 2 years without a one (well, there was one where my 3 yr old somehow got his hand stuck in my cup and spilled it), but it’s been life-changing.

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