Nina Nelson lives with her family… in a school bus. Yep, four kids, two adults, in a revamped bus—and they’re loving every minute of it. Tsh chats with her friend about lessons learned from downsizing, living with only the necessities, and having plenty of time for what really matters.

Her shampoo-free hair!

nina nelson

doTERRA: her recommended brand of essential oils (and shampoo, if you’re not ready to swear it off completely)

Nina was inspired by Walk Slowly Live Wildly (it’s now called Nesting Gypsy) to convince her family to live out of a bus.



Head here to see more photos!

Carmella Rayone lives in a small house
Katie Clemons lives in a hangar. With an airplane.

And here’s Tsh’s favorite calendar app.

Alright, what do you think—could you live in a bus?

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9 comments on “Going Badger

  1. I like the idea of living in a bus, – if I was on a property with lots of natural space around me. I couldn’t do it in the suburbs, I’d feel suffocated. I love looking at the pictures of small houses.

  2. alison May 11, 2014

    I’m loving this discussion on hair! Years back, I did the baking soda/apple cider vinegar thing and it worked, but it made my naturally curly hair flat and mousy.. then I switched to just an organic conditioner, which worked super awesome but I am now using an all natural shampoo bar and I so love it! I don’t need any conditioner and my curly hair looks awesome but without the previous conditioner build up. Just wanted to share 😉 here is a link to it

  3. Hi Tsh and Nina!

    I have to admit, that I didn’t like the new format at first. But this episode is so great! I listened to it three times and had to force myself to switch to some other podcast instead of consuming it for a fourth time and learn every word by heart. 😉

    It is so much fun AND informative to hear you talk about the shampoo thing, the decluttering of toys, the school bus etc.

    The idea to wash my hair only with water sounds so great. I have to try it. Especially since that is what I do with my face: I wash it with water i.e. a wet wash cloth and that’s it. I don’t need any cleansing product, I don’t need any face cream or make up. My skin can care for itself and it is really relieved that I don’t attack it with facial products any more.

    Some weeks ago I saw this:
    It’s an old Renault box wagon rebuilt as an RV and it’s so fantastic!

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  4. Rhonda May 12, 2014

    I loved the podcast this time, I enjoyed the conversation with you both…I do have a question about the no-shampoo concept though. I don’t use a whole lot of styling products, but I do need to use some hairspray. Would just water get that out every day? Also, I have tried the baking soda and vinegar before and I liked how it made my hair feel, but it just so hard to get it combed out…I felt like I was damaging my hair with just getting it detangled. Any idea to get it detangled better?


  5. “I am not busy. I’m just full.” That is lovely and true!

  6. Sharon May 16, 2014

    Loved this episode and loving the new format (although the old one was great too). Am trying the no shampoo thing after listening to this episode. Can’t find a shampoo that works for me at the moment so figured I’d give this a try. Am on day 3 and so far so good. I already use just water to wash my kids because of their exzema but never thought about doing it myself. Thanks for the great content!

  7. Holly May 19, 2014

    What is it about our culture here? I feel guilty because I’m not busy- isn’t that weird??

  8. This is probably one of my fave episodes of all time! We sold our home in a residential area to move to a small house on a farm. Striving to live simply is a big family goal of ours!! Great podcast!

  9. Sarah Westphal May 20, 2014

    Another wonderful episode. I love hearing how others live! PLEASE interview Carmella, I inhale her posts like fresh air (along with yours of course.)

    Happy de-cluttering!

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