Is it winter where you are? Need a little break from the snow? Well, you’ll love this episode (or maybe hate it, if you’re pessimistic), because Aimée Wimbush-Bourque of Simple Bites gives the low-down on her recent two-week vacation to Mexico.

Waves crashing. Margaritas. Paletas. Sigh.

To see a bazillion more gorgeous pics, check out Aimée’s Instagram feed.

She recently wrote about her tips for traveling to Mexico with kids.

And last year, Tsh wrote her tips for traveling internationally with kids, too. Totally worth it. Every time.

This is Tsh’s current view—it’s almost as good as Mexico:

Moving on past the leg brace at least. Progress, people. Progress.

Where would you love to go with your family?


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10 comments on “Guac O’Clock

  1. This looks AWESOME! We’re about to get a mighty winter storm here in the midwest, so this is just what the doctor ordered for a solid daydream. Thanks! I’d love to be THERE right now.

  2. I am a trauma ICU nurse and a mom. You should be wearing a helmet. I can tell say without a doubt dying is not the worst thing that can happen to you. I am a big fan of the podcast and blogs.

  3. howtosavethekosmos Feb 21, 2013

    I know the word slog! And now I want to try all the paletas!

  4. Georgia Feb 21, 2013

    I know the word ‘slog’ also. I’m in Australia and I would say that most Australians use this word.

  5. Oh, my babies take forever to teethe, too! My littlest is 11 months tomorrow, and only has 2 teeth. It is endless teething until they are about 2. Sigh.

  6. Jenny Feb 27, 2013

    Thank you, Tsh, for all the positive words recently on international travel with little ones. My husband and I have talked for years about a trip to Tokyo (his brother and sister-in-law live there). We’ve figured we’ll wait until our two boys are older, one of the reasons being we’ve thought it would be too traumatic of an ordeal, for them and for us. After the last two podcasts, I feel much more confident and excited about the endeavor. Unfortunately, we’ll probably still have to wait a few years to save up for airfare. Do you have any wisdom to share about getting a family of four to the other side of the globe without breaking the bank?

  7. Melisa Feb 28, 2013

    Yes an Aussie here and we use slog (also in cricket for a big heave of a shot)

  8. I also use “slog” but I’m Canadian too. Speaking of, Tsh you’ll be driving through my part of the world this summer on your trip! Southern BC is the best, if you go through the Kootenays you should check out Nelson, it has great food and nice playgrounds :) (it’s not my town, but I live nearby)

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