We’re back—with a new name! Kat and Tsh talk about that.

Kat likes to think that Sally Clarkson‘s house is perfectlly imperfect.

gingerbread cake

Tsh likes this paleo gingerbread recipe.

Lora Lynn of Vitafamiliae wrote a fantastic post about not stressing about doing All The Holiday Things.

The real St. Nicholas

Tsh’s recent post about St. Nicholas Day has all kinds of good Saint Nick resources, including the What’s in the Bible? that was mentioned.

Amy Grant Christmas Album

Kat likes to headin’ home for the holidays with this Amy Grant gem.

Megan Tietz wrote a classic post for this time of year—how to handle relationship issues involving excessive gift-giving.


The HGTV treehouses—nuts!

And yeah… Tate Nights are a thing.

What are the holiday traditions that you secretly dread? How do you handle gift overload from extended family? And what do you think about Kat’s podcast laugh?

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10 comments on “Headin’ Home

  1. We do a Jesse Tree and it’s my kids’ and my favorite Christmas tradition. It’s a fabric tree with 25 buttons, and corresponding “pieces” (they’re all different, from a felt apple to a clothespin Mary) to hang on the buttons. There is a little devotional/pamphlet that goes with it and we read one each day while a kid gets to put the daily symbol on the tree. It literally tells the story of Jesus’ family tree, ending with his birth. It’s such an awesome little thing that a mom’s group made one year (sort of like MOPS) and gave us as gifts to take home and use with our kids. It’s such a neat way to get snippets of bible stories and see how they end up–all looking forward to the Savior.
    Another thing we do is an Advent calendar (pretty much exactly like Tsh’s family–just being intentional with stuff we want to do, very simple), but this year we didn’t since we’ll be away from home visiting family for a long time. Next year. :)
    Sarah M

  2. For gift overload, we just started by being super blunt with the family. We told them we didn’t want a lot of things, especially not throw away toys. We also created an Amazon Wish List with items we would like-toys that encourage open ended play, games to play as a family, books, items that are green or benefit charity, whatever. We also sent them the instructions to donate to the kiddo’s college fund! Most of the family is pretty respectful of our wishes. For those who aren’t, we thank them for their generosity, hold back some gifts (so the kiddo opens one a month), and donate items we aren’t using.

  3. I only dread the travel. We live at least an hour and a half away from most of my family and we have to pack up kids gifts and dog. Luckily we don’t do it every year.
    Also, Christmas was never Christmas without Amy Grant. Gifts are never as special without “Breath of Heaven”.

  4. I love the St Nicolas day thing, I will be remembering that for next year. This is the first year that we’ve talked about Santa (my girls are almost 2 and almost 4) at all, and I’m still working out how to make him a fun thing, without him being so important. Or real.

  5. Renee Dec 14, 2013

    I’m really interested in St. Nicholas Day now! I’m going to read your post, Tsh, and see if I could get my hubby on board for that next year.
    This year I kinda dreaded decorating the house and the tree; maybe its because what I really dread is putting everything away again! I got over my dread and did put up some decorations, just not everything. My boys are 3 & 5, so I have quite a few things that they’re just not old enough to handle yet.
    Kat, I’m right there with you on that Amy Grant special – I loved it! Granted, I haven’t watched it in many, many years, but I do appreciate your love for it! I just love how much you love Amy Grant – that was totally me, my sister and my aunt back in the 80’s.

  6. Hehe, Tsh and Kat y’all crack me up. I really enjoy listening to yalls podcasts together. :)

  7. What was the name of the kids’ Bible DVDs you mentioned during this podcast? I was just listening to it, but I can’t remember. Thanks!!

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