Hooray—we’re back to podcasting! We took a nice, long break for the holidays, but it feels so good to be back to a routine. But Megan doesn’t have long until her routine goes up in the air—she’s 31 weeks pregnant with twins!

She looks perfect in every way. Go mama!

Her younger daughter is pretty excited—here’s her picture with Serious Daddy:

Tsh is still trucking along in Oregon, where she most definitely had a white Christmas. She’s gonna have a white January, February, March, and maybe April, too.

Crazy. At least snow is pretty. But it does cause a unique parenting challenge for a good chunk of the year:

Megan’s digging the site Project Nursery.

Slow blogging—Erin said it best.

We’re talking personality and Myers-Briggs AGAIN. Because it’s just so fascinating! Here’s Tsh (and Myquillyn, too):

And here’s Megan:

Have you taken the test? If not, here’s a good basic online Myers-Briggs test.

Two books we’ve never read but we hear are good—MotherStyles and Nurture the Nature. Have you read them? Tell us what you think!

And what’s your personality type? Does it affect your parenting, work, and other relationships? Tell in the comments below!


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24 comments on “I’m Such a J

  1. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but look forward to more Myers-Briggs talk! I’m an ISTJ — I did a quick search to see some specifics and this is one statement I find very true and does have an affect on my life —

    “Under stress, ISTJs may fall into “catastrophe mode”, where they see nothing but all of the possibilities of what could go wrong. They will berate themselves for things which they should have done differently, or duties which they failed to perform. They will lose their ability to see things calmly and reasonably, and will depress themselves with their visions of doom.”

  2. Margaret Jan 11, 2013

    EFNP…. Said I should be a journalist. Hahaha

  3. I am an off-the-charts ESTJ. I guess the “E” is the only part that’s not off the charts; I have my introverted moments. But for the other three letters I am about as ________ (fill in the blank with the stereotype) as you can get.

  4. Christine Jan 11, 2013

    I’m an INFP. High on the I & N, lower on the f & p. Here’s a good description: http://www.personalitydesk.com/infp

  5. Janine C. Jan 11, 2013

    INTJ. I took the full test years ago, and every short form of it I’ve taken since has given me the same result. I’m always shocked to encounter other INTJ women — we are in such short supply!

  6. I took the full test years ago as a teen and was an ENTP but now I am ESTJ (but almost 51/49 split on the J/P) and I am sure it was close then too and I can see why I have moved from N to S over the years also. It is all so interesting. Great episode Tsh.

  7. INTJ (or P: i’m 50% on both the j and the p) the personality test explained so much for me. why i’m not stupidly passionate about things like so many people are, why i don’t care so much about your day and why people accuse me of not having any feelings.

  8. This is pretty funny. Ironic in that internet synergy way. I just wrote a long post about my personality and it generated a huge amount of discussion on the blog. Oh, I do love a good personality test.

    Enjoyed your talk with Lisa also about working from home.

  9. INTJ ladies ftw! Maybe all 1% of us are on the internet right now :) My J is pretty low, but the NT is strong.

  10. Jenna Jan 16, 2013

    Infj here.

  11. I’m an INTJ / ISTJ (N/S=50/50). That’s very interesting. I’m definitely an I, T and J. N and S are always fighting inside my brain/heart/stomach.

    • and my husband is ISFJ. And we have one introverted son and one extroverted son. The extroverted boy is really exhausting for us. But now I know why. :-)
      Thank you!

  12. I got Nurture the Nature from the library and highly recommend it. I took a stab at figuring out my daughter’s MBTI letters and when I read the description I was shocked and amazed to find out it described her so well. I think it will be immensely helpful in understanding her and parenting her as she grows. I have a request in at the library for MotherStyles too and look forward to reading it.

  13. Where are the ENFJ crew? that’s me!

  14. Tsh,

    I love your podcast and have been listening nonstop since finding it after a long, arduous search around iTunes for a “real” mom podcast I could relate to. I was finding nothing. I didn’t care what other moms had to say. I would think to myself, “Who the hell do these women think they are? They shoot out a large number of kids and decide they’re experts because the kids have survived? They need to get off their high horses and talk to me like we’re in the same boat!”

    And then the heavens parted and angels sang, it seemed, within the first few minutes of finding your podcast. After about three weeks of listening, I am armed with my Simple Mom daily docket, which I can’t believe I went so long without. While my car stereo plays the same nursery rhyme CD for my 2-year-old, I have one earbud in and your podcast playing through my iPhone.

    Every single podcast (I almost wrote “conversation,” because that’s what I feel it is sometimes) has inspired me, made me excited to be a mom, excited to work, excited to get things done and excited to live my life — an excitement that I had not felt since going through a divorce and losing a lot of self-identity and self-worth almost a year ago.

    I decided to comment on this particular podcast because it was the episode I was finally able to pinpoint exactly WHY I could relate to you and your podcast so well. Took a Myers Briggs test and, sure enough, I too am an INTJ! Since finding this out, I can’t begin to explain the number of things in my life that now make so much sense.

    Sometimes you will make a statement or ask a questions, then follow-up with, “does that make sense?” And I just want to scream through the podcast, “Yes! I know exactly what you mean! Don’t doubt yourself! I totally get what you’re saying!”

    I really admire all you do and who you have become through your blog, podcasts and network. You’re an inspiration, not just to INTJs and moms. My daughter and I have benefitted from your podcast so much!

    Off topic: While driving with my daughter today, the question popped into my head, “Would I rather have an extra arm or Mary Poppins’ bag?” I’ve now been asking every mom I meet this question and it seems to be a tough choice for everyone!

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