It’s always a treat to talk to my friend (and AoS contributor) Kat Lee! I was glad to get in a last-minute conversation with her before we hit the skies and head across the world. We chat about new school year beginnings, moving, taking risks, letting our kids take risks, routines and rituals and traditions, one-on-one time with our kids, and getting behind their dreams. We also talk about important stuff, like, where’s the line between okay and not okay for listening to Christmas music?

Afterschool tea time

Kids' flow chart

Amy Grant's Christmas album

Show Notes

Tsh’s worldschooling plan

True Spirit

True Spirit

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7 comments on “In a Five-Foot Tree

  1. It’s been SO good to have some regulars back the past two episodes! Missed them!

    • Also, Kat, it’s totally your Filipino genes making you want to listen to Christmas music. I lived there 6 months, and all months ending in “ber” are considered Christmas months. Malls start playing Christmas music in September. So that’s your excuse!

  2. When my husband has visited China they often have pictures or numbers in the menu. You can use the photos to guess what it was and take note of which dish is which by referring to the numbers, if you happen to get waitstaff who tell you what it is.

    When nothing else worked, my hubby would take a photo on his phone, use a translation app and then just go for the best option. VERY handy.

  3. I grew up in a district with intermediate, jr high and then high school. After I left, they divided out 9th graders to their own campus just off ‘high school’ to the ‘freshman campus’. I think there is value in this kind of division.

    I don’t think China will be as bad as you imagine, unless you get out into the country side. And then having stuff written might not work, nor will the folks out in the countryside always speak ‘standard’ chinese.

    Oddly, my son loves tea, coffee, komucha, kefir. Some kids are just odd like that.

  4. Becky Sep 22, 2014

    Hi Tsh, I’ve been listening to your podcast for several months now and I’m a big fan. I think of you and your cohosts as my mommy comunity. Thanks for the company, education, and entertainment. I hope you and you family have a safe trip, my prayers are with you.

  5. sherah Oct 3, 2014

    I don’t know if you know about this, but back in the 1970s there was a young man who sailed around the world and wrote a book about it. At the time he was the youngest and has an amazing story. I was friends with his son growing up and spend some time with their family. The book is called Dove by Robin Graham.

  6. Nichole Jan 31, 2015

    Loving listening to these conversations! I am getting so much insight as a new mom. I want to have friends like this in my life. Im taking your 10 questions when I hang out with my friends next time. Instead of always talking about mom stuff maybe it will lead us to different and fun conversation.

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