Tsh and Kat are back at it! Tsh is over the flu now, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still miss Texas. Kat loves her Texas 70-degree winters, but wouldn’t mind a day of Tsh’s snow-covered Oregon. Grass is greener…

Kat’s kids’ school uses Sign-Up Genius. Tsh wishes her kids’ school did. (They need to get a little message from this site…)

What’s up with school auctions? Kat didn’t fork over the four digits for this bad boy:

Game ideas—here are Tsh and Kyle’s favorites:

…and, Tsh thought she had more ideas, but she’s coming up empty.

Grow Trips: what a fabulous idea, Sarah!

Here are some non-blog conferences Kat suggests:

And Tsh tapped her fellow (in)courage writers, and they gave her all these ideas:

Let us know if you end up going somewhere!

Tsh loves McMenamins, and wants to take her own solo retreat at Old St. Francis School.

Kat recently had a Menu Planning Boot Camp on her blog, and she LOVES Plan to Eat. (Tsh does, too, but she needs to spend more time making it work.)

And that comedian Tsh couldn’t remember? It’s Tim Hawkins. He’s hilarious. Especially on Facebook.

Alright, so what are your ideas for mom Grow Trips? Any meal planning tips? And are games on Date Night lame?

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16 comments on “Life is Good Again

  1. That’s RG3, isn’t it? On the football. Totally awesome.

  2. Katie Feb 8, 2013

    I’m listening to the reply all sign up method – yikes! Our kids’ school uses volunteer spot and it’s great – we do get e-mails when new opportunities come up to volunteer, with a link to sign up (and it goes right on my google calendar!) http://www.volunteerspot.com/

  3. Sarah Feb 8, 2013

    I’m usually a week or two behind on the podcast, but I was putting away laundry tonight (Friday night excitement) and checked to see if you had anything new posted. I was sorting and listening, and going in and out of rooms, and then heard a question from Sarah and had a tiny excitement meltdown because you were talking about ME AND MY QUESTION! My Friday night included chicken noodle soup, sick kids and laundry, so you might understand the enthusiasm. Plus, in my world, bloggers are like mini-celebs. Try not to let it go to your head.

    I am super excited to read through the suggestions. Maybe I should start a “grow conference”! I’m in the midwest, St. Louis, so I’m willing to go to a coast, for sure. I will let you know if we ever make it happen.

    Thanks for the scoop!


  4. Hi Tsh, I didn’t know where to ask questions for the podcasts, but I had a question for Hayley from the Tiny Twig. Recently on one of the podcasts, she mentioned that she was allergic to all dairy. This year, I found out I was allergic to dairy and have made the transition to a dairy free life. I would love to hear anything Hayley had to say on this topic. How she found out or how she handles it.

  5. Carrie Feb 13, 2013

    You should look up the Hearts at Home Conference in Illinois in March.
    There are numerous Workshops to choose from and you get to pick which workshops you attend (with the exception of the Main Sessions). I’ve been a few times and always learn something. It’s a nice way to get away, learn something and reboot. Check at their website.


  6. Carrie Feb 13, 2013

    I’d be interested in the dairy free (and gluten free for me) discussion suggested above. Food allergies are on the rise!

  7. Megan Everitt Feb 14, 2013

    Hi Tsh & Kat-
    I just love each of you and am a loyal follower of you both. I grew up in West Texas and we now live in China and the podcasts are like a little taste of home for me…even just hearing your accents makes me smile. I’m also a morning person and agree with you guys that I wake up even earlier “for fun”. I’m currently serving my 2nd semester as a AC with the Hello Morning Challenge and it’s just wonderful. Anyhoo…..my purpose for writing was to give another suggestion for the reader that asked about retreats. Our small group here obviously doesn’t really have many options for those types of things so we created our own. We all agreed that the purpose of our “retreat” was to form some solid accountability within our group and due to the coming /going of expats time to build friendships over years wasn’t a valid option….we needed to speed things up. We created a list of questions to answer about ourselves before hand and agreed to pray for each other leading up to our time. We all agreed upon the importance of confidentiality and trust and then we each took about 1 hour to tell our story and answer the questions with the group. This was basically our Friday session. Saturday we spent giving each other very specific areas we wanted/needed accountability and created a timeline for checking back in. We met in a home and each took responsibility for a meal to prepare for. It was simple, wonderful and effective– we are planning another one soon. Sorry for this length but wanted to throw another idea out there.

    • Wow, that’s a great idea Megan! I love the intentionality of it all. I think even groups that have been friends for years would benefit from doing a retreat like this. Thanks for sharing.

      And do I really have an accent? I never thought I did…y’all. :)

  8. Dorothy Feb 14, 2013

    Meal Planning is a constant struggle for me, and my methods keep changing as my life keeps changing and the kids grow and have new schedules. I tried Plan to Eat for free, but I can’t swing the extra expense right now. Inspired by Tsh’s idea to use Google Calendar, I’ve used that for a while with success. But you still have to enter each meal in on the calendar as a separate entry. What I figured out is that you can make an excel worksheet of your meals. You can change the date, then save as a .csv file, and import directly into Google Calendar. This is making my life easier again. Thanks for all the conversations, I often find myself adding my comments into any given conversation, as if you can hear me!

  9. There is an amazing Weekend Retreat for Mom’s in the Northeast (Duxbury MA) called Mosaic of Faith. I went last April and it is an incredible and inspirational retreat right on the water and you can’t beat the price! No matter your faith, you can get something out of this incredible time. There are retreats in April and October but they are small and fill up quickly. You can check it out at http://www.mosaicoffaith.net

  10. jenna Feb 26, 2013

    Ladies I had to chime in to say that I am sure in the future if you tell the overworked, under appreciated room parent that could set up a “google doc” for them they would be very appreciative. Sending and email and hitting reply all might fill you inbox but it is timed saved for the organizing parent. I am a room parent, head of the teacher appreciation committee and help out in the classroom every week if some nice parent offered to set up a “volunteerspot” for my classroom I would be so grateful. Since you are “techy” this could be your way of volunteering it really takes all skill sets to make it work.

  11. Just listening to this one now & love the ideas on the mom conferences :) There is a brand new one being held in Corning, NY next March called Raising Generations Today – it’s not a blogging conference, but specifically geared toward bringing hope & encouragement to moms. It’s going to be amazing, and we’d love to see any of you there (special Mother’s Day ticket sale on May 7th, by the way…conference passes will be just $85!…www.raisinggenerationstoday.com)

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