It’s time to podcast with Lisa Leonard! Such a fun, creative friend.

She’s got a new line of jewelry—Hope(full), a fair-trade line made by women in Ecuador.

Hooray for fair-trade! Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Fair-trade is tricky, isn’t it? Here’s a link Tsh found on Pinterest:

Lisa’s good at being daring with her clothes—and then taking pics of herself.

Or, when her son takes her pics. Either way, it’s GORGEOUS stuff.

Tsh and Lisa both love traveling with kids, especially internationally.

Tsh wrote some tips on how to travel with little ones. Also here.

She also wrote an open letter to first-time mamas of newborns, and she recommend’s Megan Tietz’s book:

Phew… Parenting can be heavy. But it’s also so totally fun. Kids—we love ’em.

Ignore the boy with no pants.

Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes? Do you have guilt about your kids not being in afterschool activities… or do you kinda like it? Let us know!

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7 comments on “(Not) the Center of the Universe

  1. On the subject of “cardboarding” – Tate would love the projects on this blog: She blows me away with her cardboard (and sewing!) skills.

  2. Brynn Mar 8, 2013

    Listening to your podcast at the moment, thankful for your recommendation of Spirit-Led Parenting just ordered it. Currently holding my first 10 week old in my arms and constantly feeling this strife of doing things that aren’t mainstream in our culture and Christian culture (natural birth, being at home with her,not leaving her with others yet, breastfeeding (thankfully able to do these things) etc). This morning I sat down to journal before the Lord about complete frustration with my child’s complete hatred of the car seat to the point of gagging and vomiting (completely scary). I’m feeling limited in my freedom (not going places like I desire), I guess I assumed I could just bring the baby along wherever I wanted to go or be— obviously the Lord has some things to teach me and grow me in- contentment and taking in the season and the stillness. Just wanted to share and say thank you for your podcast that has encouraged me as I have stepped into mommyhood.

  3. Thanks so much for the podcast and encouragement…I have a 22 month old and a 4 month old…and I feel totally guilty about getting extra help in to do the laundry and watch the kids a couple times a week so i can nap, or go out with friends, or whatever. it has really helped… and it helps our marriage because i feel less apt to jump down my husbands throat because i have had a chance to recharge. what a waste guilt is!! i just feel like everyone else has it all together except for me! Thanks for the reminder to let go of the guilt and do what I can. My daughter Larkin did say ” more more Gilmore Girls! ” today…so I’m glad it’s Spring and we can finally get outside!
    Brynn…it is a season…My daughter used to twist and turn and hated the carseat…it gets better. Try to get out by yourself once a day though…it keeps the crazies away!

  4. You remark about strollers in Paris cracked me up! I’m a listener from Paris and I always felt so bad about tourists who tried to go around in Paris metro with huge strollers. We Parisians definitely prefer compact strollers (MacLaren is the favorite brand) or baby-wearing and use the bus network instead of metro during the infant phase. PS. I love your podcasts!

  5. I live in Ecuador! Tagua jewelry is beautiful.

  6. ali v Mar 17, 2013

    Lisa, I appreciate your honesty when you talked about your sons. As a professional who works with children have special needs, I have always been in awe of the patience and acceptance that many parents demonstrate in their everyday lives. It sounds like you are one of those incredible parents and I think that this level of honesty can bring us together and make connections, even when life presents us with our struggles.

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