It’s baby time! In this episode Tsh and Hayley talk about the newborn days and what it’s like to bring a new baby in the family with older siblings. There may or may not also be a few baby sounds in the background.

FOUR BOYS! Hayley deserves a medal. Or at least a night out.

She loves her new rock-n-play:

And her boys love drawing on their bunk beds:

Dutch boys give labor a try. E for effort, boys—we’re impressed. (Though two hours with no pushing… I dunno.)

Hayley’s been working hard on the Influence Network. Lots of cool classes!

Tsh is still in her writing cave, but it’s almost. done. Next week, the book writing will be over and it’ll have been turned in. Hallelujah.

Got any questions you’d like to hear answered in the podcast? We’d love your feedback!

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13 comments on “Pesky Little Bump

  1. So, I wonder, the boys got their ab muscles contracting. A woman in labor has her uterus muscles contracting. These can’t be the same. I think a woman who has experienced labor should give this a try — getting her ab muscles shocked, then we can really know if what they experienced is anything like labor. As it is, they also don’t get all the feel good hormones, nor a cute baby. Even if they only dealt 2 hours of this, is it really the same?

    Yes, the video is kinda funny, though and quite humorous!

    • There’s another video out there from the UK floating around, where they first connected these thingies to a mom (not currently pregnant). She said that yep, they feel a lot like regular contractions. :)

  2. Crystal Corliss Feb 1, 2013

    Are there any seminars that you would recommend or online sites to go to, to learn how to set up a blog and get started? I see many different blogs using different things life wordpress or thru google etc…
    Thanks :)

  3. We have a beginning wordpress class coming up on The Influence Network. That might be a good place to start. We also have a “New Bloggers” 10-on-2 mentorship class in February, too. :)

  4. Congrats on the new baby! I pinned the men in labor video last week and its really been getting around. I can’t believe the one guy gave up after only an hour!

  5. I just love these podcasts… it really helps with getting laundry done… thanks guys!

  6. Congrats Hayley! You continue to inspire me! :)

  7. sarah Feb 6, 2013

    Enjoy listening to the simple mom podcasts but am discouraged to hear almost every podcast include the question “so are you done having kids?” I don’t agree with this line of thinking. Aside from that, love sitting in on the conversations!

    • Sarah, I can understand that. I’ve long battled with the idea of family planning. We married young, got pregnant quickly, and then had 4 subsequent pregnancies fairly quickly after. We’ve always been very open to children. At this point we feel like we have the desire to care for orphans in some capacity, and our ability to do this well will diminish if we have more of our own/biological children. This is just the point we’ve gotten to in our family, not to say that you must come to a “done” point in your own. :)

  8. gossettfamily Feb 9, 2013

    That two minutes of dead air was so uncomfortable!

    • Sorry about that. That was my mistake. An earlier version of the episode had a ‘baby break’ left in. It’s since been edited down to a couple of seconds. Thanks.

  9. Tsh! I just love this podcast even though I currently have no kids and am not a full time blogger. :) But I do blog to supplement my art/painting career and enjoy the creativity you share each episode. I love that you are all business ladies and full time mothers as well. So inspiring!

    I’m just wondering about brand therapy as you discussed in this podcast. Can I ask who your brand therapist is? Could you talk more about branding on one of your podcasts and what you are learning? As an artist the idea of “branding” myself seems very daunting and limiting. Does that mean I’d have to give up painting all the things I really want to paint just because something else is selling better? It’s just strange and challenging for me to think about that.

    Any thoughts or advice would be so helpful and interesting! Thank you!

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