In this episode, Kat and Tsh covered TONS of their favorite things—which means lots of links! So let’s get right to it:



Christa Wells

Lord Huron

Beach House

Lowland Hum

The Lumineers

Jennifer Knapp

Brooke Fraser

All Sons & Daughters

Phil Wickham (YouTube)

Shane & Shane

Lennon & Maisy (YouTube)

Taylor Swift – (Here’s the a cappella cover on YouTube)

Ed Sheeran


hot cinnamon spice tea

Sleepytime Tea

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea



The Gift of Knowing Yourself

A Million Little Ways


A Thomas Jefferson Education

Kingdom Woman

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Take the Stairs (mixed reviews)

If you like storytime, get audiobooks at Audible!


31 days

Jen Hatmaker

Smart Passive Income

Sally Clarkson

Lisa-Jo Baker

Mt. Hope Chronicles

31 Days series at Nesting Place (Tsh is doing it at her personal blog!)

TV shows/movies


Parenthood (Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix)

Call the Midwife (Netflix)

Alias (Amazon Prime and Netflix)

HGTV & Food Network

Sleepless in Seattle (Amazon Prime)

The Welldiggers’ Daughter (Netflix)

Pride & Prejudice (the older BBC and newer versions)

Anne of Green Gables

Your turn—what are you digging these days?

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9 comments on “Ridiculously Good

  1. Deep or not, this was a fun podcast. I was so glad to see a new one today. :) I loved hearing about ‘all the new things’ you guys talked about. Call the Midwife is one of my favorites, too. I’m waiting patiently for their next season to come out in January. New Girl is fun and silly, and I laugh the whole time, if you need an easy 22 minute brian escape (not for kids).
    Sarah M

  2. Thanks for the podcast! I loved hearing about what you all are into. Here are some of the things I have been enjoying lately:

    Book- Artifact by Gigi Pandian (international mystery-so good!)
    Music- Steep Ravine (Blue grass/folk)
    TV: Not much in this department, but always love some good Project Runway!

  3. Carly Oct 18, 2013

    Love the podcast and never miss it! This one was good as well. I loved hearing about all your favorite things. Just one thing? It’s always SO heavy on the weather talk. Just FYI. I live in Texas too, I don’t care for the weather here, but do we have to talk about it so much? There’s so many other interesting things to talk about! Otherwise, much love!

  4. Araceli Day Oct 20, 2013

    Awesome as always. Thank you for such an entertaining and informative conversation :) I almost feel like I’m next to you having a cup of Tea ha!

    Kat: Did you say “Big Bend”? in WV? If you did, I LOVE THAT PLACE :)
    Tsh: My kids are into Hot Apple Cider this year. I got the Keurig version, easier to fix just a single cup :)
    Yes, Mt. Hope Academy is the best!

  5. So fun! Tsh, have you read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? I think you would like it. It’s kind of a Harry Potter meets Jane Austen or Dickens. They just announced that they’re making a BBC miniseries out of it and I’m so excited (but also terrified they’ll mess it up.)

  6. This show rocks and really is packed with so many good things (I hope I didn’t sound too Martha Stewart there…). As a “Dad” I hope I’m not breaking any protocols by listening in but my wife Vanessa and I are into simple living too. Oh…and we discovered Call The Midwife after the long wait for Downton Abbey to start. Yeah, we’re hooked!

    Thanks, Tsh!

  7. Fun different paced show. Thanks for all the links—most excited about the tea! My parents are both from Ireland and I grew up drinking tea, never thinking anything of it. My sons (11 and under) all love it too, and recently my husband called me out on it—we would never them offer them coffee, but I privately am proud to see them carry on the tea tradition (my 11 yr old son thinks tea and a book are “heaven”).
    One complaint–a little painful to hear you attribute “Hallelujah” to Jeff Buckley—his version is a cover of Leonard Cohen.

  8. Great podcast! I’m loving the White Queen series that just ended (lots of adult themes so make sure no littles are around), Once Upon a Time, Call the Midwife, and reading Grounded by Neta Jackson. My favorite blogs/podcasts are this one and Inspired to Action of course, Improve Photography and Stuff You Missed in History Class. Thanks ladies!

  9. Yes! The Taylor Swift a cappella cover! I’m not even a huge Taylor fan, but I loved this one. Also, for some reason, it made me laugh-? Not sure why. Anyway.
    Super fun podcast, really enjoyed :).

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