simple mom episode 3

This week on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh talks with Aimee of Simple Bites.

Tsh and Aimee talk about their Spring menus, how locations effects food choices, and how they handle picky kids around the table.  Also, what is sugaring, and why does it require an electric drill and bucket?

a.  Aimee tapping a tree for sugaring.

Let Aimee tell you more about sugaring, here!

b.  Aimee and family.

c.  Sledding with Mateo.

d.  Sugaring off!

Bonus!  Four variations of Maple Vinaigrette, and a sugaring off vblog!  You might also want to take a peek at these Maple Pecan Cookies.

e.  Lentil Shepard’s Pie; a frugal family meal, easily made vegan!

(not pictured)  The importance of family rituals, including Tsh’s Friday pizza!

f.  Aimee in Thailand.

Read more about Aimee’s Thailand adventures, here.

And!  Read about what it’s really like in a professional kitchen with Rocco DiSpirito, here!

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4 comments on “Sugaring Off

  1. Rachel Aug 10, 2011

    I’m listening to your podcasts while I work. This one was especially great. I’m half-Canadian, and grew up in Ontario. I also lived in Texas for 5 years. So I can appreciate what you were talking about with the weather in Eastern Canada, and the insanely hot Texas summers. My parents tapped their trees for the first time this past winter, so we got to hear about that experience (and how they almost had a disaster with forgetting the sap was cooking, outside thankfully, not indoors – ended up with some maple candy, and maybe a little syrup!). My husband and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary this October, and have thought about taking a trip to Quebec. Do you have any suggestions for good food, and inexpensive, yet nice lodging? Any other tips would be great. It’s been about 15 years since my last trip to Quebec with my grade 8 class. :) Thanks for podcasting!

  2. Rachel Aug 10, 2011

    I don’t have kids, but still enjoyed the episode about diapers and newborn stuff. I’ve cared for a little one who was cloth diapered. It was wonderful. I mean, I wasn’t cleaning them after, but, changing-wise, it was great. Also, thanks for the part about not having to be more financially stable before having kids. That’s one thing we think about. :) Good to hear that kids aren’t as expensive as we think they are.

    I’m listening while I work, so I’m sure I’ll have more comments as I listen to more podcasts.

  3. I would love to hear more from Aimee and Tsh about travel and their own childhoods!

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