Podcast time! This episode explores the world of ethical fashion—for kids. Hayley Morgan is starting a new clothing line with the hopes of transforming how we think about dressing our kids. I talk to her about slow fashion and owning a small family business, what it means to be a working mom with young children, and why it matters how we spend our money. (That five dollar shirt didn’t really cost five dollars, and yep—somebody actually sewed that.)

hayley morgan


Hayley’s Kickstarter campaign (update: it’s beyond funded with over a week left—but anything above and beyond will go to a girls’ line!)

Factory 45

The Ethical Shopping Guide on The Art of Simple


Hackwith Design House


Shannan Martin’s post about dressing her little girl on a dime

Tsh finally wrote about what she’s packing for their round-the-world trip.

…And follow Tsh and her family as they travel around the world!

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6 comments on “Somebody Sewed That Shirt

  1. Great podcast! I want to dress my son in her clothes. I also thought the prices were affordable when I visited her site.

  2. Just have to say that I’ve loved the last few podcasts where you guys talk about being Christian in a not-strictly-conservative sense (why is social justice and caring about the environment not a thing that is nonpartisan?? Argh). I’ve been moving away from the church due to frustrations with that whole issue in the past few years, so it’s really touched me and I’m so impressed that you can totally speak your mind without worrying (too much) about who you’re going to offend. Thank you thank you!

  3. Enjoyed this podcast! (As usual!) :) Hayley is great!

  4. Holly Sep 10, 2014

    My thrift/new clothes shopping works like this- tshirts and dresses thrifted, jeans and shoes bought from good companies and are good quality. Also we get hand-me-downs which I always sort through and get rid of anything I don’t love. Anyways, interesting episode and Wildly Co.’s comfy pants intrigue me- I have a few nieces who refuse to wear jeans, only leggings, dresses, sweatpants, and skirts.

  5. Alexa Sep 24, 2014

    Thank you so much for the information about Twice. I love that it’s online. I was excited to find some tennis clothes there- they are normally so expensive!

  6. Is there a special tag that says a t- shirt was ethically made? Where they sold?

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