We’re back on after several weeks off! It’s summer… and it’s been nice. Work is slower, and we’re hanging with our kids a lot.

Hayley’s been focused on The Influence Network.

Tsh and Kyle have been reading Jim Gaffigan’s new book, Dad is Fat. Hilarious. Here’s his bit on whales:

He’s all over Netflix, so if you’re looking for hilarity, go no further than Jim.

Hayley’s also going to Ethiopia this summer with Mocha Club. So great.

Here are our favorite photo apps:

Here’s the article Hayley was reading about Instagram (mild language warning).

Hayley’s e-book is super helpful—it’s called The No-Brainer Wardrobe.


Turns out Sears’ kid jeans replacement program, called KidVantage, ended last summer. Oh well.

Hayley’s reading Freefall to Fly and The Artist’s Daughter, both books Tsh has reviewed this year in her monthly book series.

Okay, so what are your favorite photo apps? How do you handle holes in your kids’ jeans? And what’s your mom wardrobe like this summer?

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15 comments on “Something of Something

  1. Amanda G. Jul 4, 2013

    This is what I do with my two boys and their jeans: I keep a couple of pairs on hand that are too far gone and use those to patch holes. You’re right, they do tend to be weaker, but I can usually get a lot more wear out of them before they enter the “patch pile” and are replaced. Also the key is to completely stitch over the patch. It doesn’t look good as new, but it definitely gets the job done and keeps me from having to buy new pants weekly!

  2. Hey there. I always love listening to the podcast.
    My favorite photo app has been snapseed. I just downloaded VSCOcam and Squaready. Looking forward to trying those out. I also bought BeautifulMess. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Kendra Jul 4, 2013

    I love your podcast and have missed you this past month – glad you’re back! I enjoyed hearing you talk about babysitters/nannies because I am a nanny, and not a conventional one. I am 29 and a former elementary school teacher. When my husband and I got married 5 years ago, we decided we could live on his income, but last year I took a part-time nannying job to keep me busy and to get my kid fix until we are ready to have our own. The woman I work for doesn’t work but she is in school, so I come a few days per week to watch her kids while she does homework, runs errands or just rests. I am definitely a “play on the floor with the kids” kind of nanny – that is not just for 14-year-olds! I also clean their house and do laundry, not because it is expected of me, but because my OCD wont let me leave jobs like that undone.

    • Well, you just sound like a regular slice of heaven, Kendra! Too bad you’re not closer. 😉

      And yes, people of all ages like to get on the floor with their kids, including many moms I know…

  4. Hanni Jul 4, 2013

    My favorite photo app besides pic tap go is after light. It does some of the things snap sees does but I find it easy to use and I like the filters.

    I always wore longer shortd because I have hips and thighs and felt insecure but I bought some 5 inch inseam shorts at old navy and find they look better than the longer ones. Didn’t think I could pull it off but turns out I actually look less frumpy.

    Oh and for fashion, try a fandora hat. I live mine, got it at target for $12.99 an I find I look more put together and stylish when I wear it, perfect for a mom with little ones.

  5. HI there I’m one of your “older” listeners…. I enjoy hanging and supporting young Moms.
    I’m a long-distance Grandma…my babes all live in the Midwest…. and I’m on the Oregon Coast….so…..I get my kid fix with a young family in my town whose grandma isn’t close and teaching Sunday School… I ramble.. what I really wanted to say is… I know my daughters both wish they had a Grandma lady to be in their lives in that I’m so far away. We may not be able to replace the need for three times a week Nanny, yet for my girls and grandkids… I’m praying for that closer Nanny/Grandma to come into their lives. I have no fear of her replacing me… just adding richness, love and support into their lives. The generations need to mix and live in community.

  6. I’ve got to get a copy of Dad Is Fat. I watched Mr. Universe on Netflix a few weeks ago and was laughing so hard that my 4yo had to come out and tell me to keep it down so he could fall asleep.

  7. I was listening to your podcast yesterday driving to work. When you commented on the super-charged air conditioning, you got a shout of Amen! from me. I moved down here to humid and hot Florida a few years ago and still cannot get used to all the layers I have to wear to survive in the arctic buildings only to melt when I walk outside. I’m going to have to try your t-shirt to cardigan idea soon, it sounds fun!

  8. Any good photo apps for Android? I feel so left out!

  9. My daughter had a slight speech delay, and I could always understand her (she would do many non-verbal cues that I picked up on)… but she was in daycare 2 days a week and would come home with bite marks on her arm. But after questioning the daycare provider and realizing where her bite marks are located we realized she was biting HERSELF out of frustration. I think she wasn’t being understood at daycare and didn’t know how to deal with that.

    AND when Haley was talking about her four-year-old who is very physical with her it so reminded me of my daughter (who is now 3). So it’s not just a boy thing!

  10. Alissa Aug 20, 2013

    Loved this session! I’ve been trying to add iron-on patches on the inside of pants at the first sign of a hole. However, a friend just clued me in to the idea of putting on the patches WHEN THE PANTS ARE BRAND NEW. Basically reinforcing against future holes. I’m going to give it a shot. Also, Land’s End sells “double knee pants,” which I think sounds brilliant.

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