It’s almost Thanksgiving! In this episode, Tsh and Emily talk turkey. Well, not really—but they do chat about minivans, boot socks, and Friends. What’s not to be thankful for there?

Especially for minivan mustaches. Mustaches definitely make minivans cooler. Tsh’s doesn’t have one, but she does have congealed crayons in the cupholders. That’s something.

Emily and Tsh both write books, which is all kinds of crazy and still makes them feel like we’re playing grownups.

Emily’s books are Grace for the Good Girl (for women) and Graceful (for teenage girls). Her current book she’s writing is nicknamed The Art Book. It’s gonna be amazing. She frequently blogs about making art, too.

They both love Annie Downs.

A smart lady.

Emily was right—Mark Batterson wrote The Circle Maker after all.

Boot socks—they’re really a thing. But where do you get them? Apparently Amazon has them. And Target. Or, you can reuse an old pair of legwarmers and make your own, like Emily:

Or you could ask Angie Smith, who seems to know where to find all the great boot socks.

Avoid the Nazi pants look with skinny jeans. They don’t have to hurt—really! Tsh loves hers from H&M.

Thanksgiving is almost here—time for some of the best food ever! Pumpkin cheesecake, of course, but their favorite is stuffing. So is Ross’, in sandwich form:

Actually, it turns out a “moistmaker” is a piece of gravy-soaked bread in the middle of the sandwich (oops), but there’s still stuffing involved. Here’s a recipe, if you’re so inclined:

Don’t forget about making your own peppermint mocha. Red cup optional.

Did you know that Black Friday is actually Red Friday? According to Emily it is. Turns out she’s a synesthete, someone with synesthesia. What?!? We get to this at the very end of the episode, so apparently we’ll have to start with this on her next episode. Crazy cool.

We’re both crazy thankful for our families.

Have you found decent skinny jeans? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? And do you think T is green, too?

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19 comments on “The Moistmaker

  1. I cannot wait to listen in…and I use my husbands old soccer socks as boot socks, FTW.

  2. To clarify – that ghost gravatar in the comment above is me.

  3. I just have to say that I love listening to the podcasts!

  4. I have that waterproof shower notepad!!! It’s fabulous!

  5. Claire Nov 17, 2012

    I love the boot sock idea. Last Christmas I was given some walking socks which are really uncomfortable – so now I can re-use them as book socks. Brilliant.
    For listeners in the UK, Next has some great skinny jeans (£45) which include a bit of bum support!

  6. 3kinder Nov 17, 2012

    another great podcast! thanks Tsh & Emily!

  7. Claire Nov 18, 2012

    Hi Tsh, here’s a translation: walking socks are probably what you’d call hiking socks, i.e.: big woolly socks which are worn with walking boots when out on a hike usually across muddy fields if you’re in the UK.

    Today we went for such a walk around the village of Hook Norton and afterwards in the village pub (where we stopped for lunch) there was an American woman at the table next to us and she sounded just like YOU! Tsh you have a voice double IYKWIM!!
    I thought she was going to start asking her friends “are you a morning person or a night owl” “what’s on your nightstand?”

    Here’s a link to the village – it’s incredibly pretty.

    Enjoy your holiday in Austin and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

    • That’s awesome! Kyle and I joke about how there are duplicates of the same people in every country. Guess you found the British Tsh!

  8. Bethany Nov 18, 2012

    Skinny Jeans….I love skyscrappers from Express. I have had FIVE kids and they are so comfortable, look great, hold that mama pooch in a bit too….you know where they hit. Constantly have people commenting on them and asking where I got them. Even 20 something set….and I am late 30’s.

  9. For writing in the shower you could try bathtub crayons. I’ve grabbed my kids bathtub crayons on an occasion or two.

    So thankful for baby number 3’s safe arrival even though we live half a world away from our passport country, and that he slept long enough for me to fold the diapers during this podcast. :)

  10. Yay for another great SimpleMom podcast! We covered all the essentials–minivans, “Friends”, and breaking the peppermint mocha rules. Love it!

  11. Jessica Sullivan Nov 24, 2012

    Loved the podcast, ladies! So fun and encouraging. I have synesthesia like Emily–math homework was a trip as a kid. Music, letters, and some people also have colors. I have a secret fear of naming my future children (none yet) because I will have to like the color combinations of the letters of their names. It was fun to listen to someone else talk about this “condition”. Can’t wait to hear more!

  12. Obviously I’m picking this podcast up long after it aired, but I’ve LOVED every conversation you and Emily have had about creativity, blogging, writing, and the general existence of artists :) Thank you, Tsh!

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