Jessica’s post about potty training in 10 days or less.

Maya’s post on SimpleMom about potty training.

That handy freezer alarm.

Jessica’s vlog about fitting meals into a freezer.

The college search post on SimpleMom

Jessica met a new friend on a plane.


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2 comments on “Get the Job Done

  1. I would love to say, Great Podcast! And I did enjoy what I got to hear, but just when you started in about homeschooling, something went wrong. It quit working. Is it on my end? Reloading doesn’t fix it.

    I’m a first time listener, and I look forward to hearing more!


  2. Thanks for for the podcast! I wanted to comment of the statement that Jessica made about her son needing her more as he gets older. I have an 18 year old son, and I haven’t found that to be true. Around the age of 12ish he began to need my husband more. He needed my husband to guide into manhood. My youngest son is 12 right now, and we’ve seen the same thing with him as well.

    I have observed a trend among homeschool moms and their sons. They do too much for the sons, and don’t allow them to be the men they are meant to be. I understand why they do this. Boys like being taken care of. More so than girls. So if mom will do it, they will let them. It gives the illusion that they need us MORE. They really don’t.

    The reason I am commenting on this statement is because I’ve seen so many homeschooled boys becoming weak, and feminized, by their moms OR they do like my son did–they rebel against mom’s authority. (I had to stop homeschooling him because of this rebellion.) It’s really important for dads to take the lead with their sons I had to learn the hard way.

    Do our older sons and daughters still need us? Absolutely! Just not in the same way they needed us as little kids. And guess what? We need them too!

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