Today, Tsh speaks with Rachel Meeks of  What’s it like to pick up and move your family to Italy for a few months?  What’s it like to come home and and move into a new house to renovate?

Tsh and Rachel also talk about clothes, and why it’s important to dress up as a Mom.

This is just good life talk.

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7 comments on “On the Move

  1. Yay! Small Notebook and Simple Mom are the two blogs I get most excited to see in my google reader. How fun to have you both in one place!

  2. Jen Spadaro Nov 3, 2011

    Lots of fun! I always notice how short small notebooks posts are too, it was funny to hear Rachel’s reason why. And I’m with tsh I’m excited to see more pictures of the house! Fun listening to you guys talk : )

  3. Enjoyed the podcast very much. Rachel is so cool not to be on FB and Twitter! Looking forward to more chat sessions with other respected mummy bloggers… ;D

  4. Just a tip that you might be able to find high temp appliance paint to refinish the stove top to make it work with what you have or pay to have it finished. We were JUST discussing yesterday how ‘new’ appliances don’t work that well or last that long. The 2 year old dishwasher in our rental is a better drying rack than dishwasher. Good luck!

  5. This was great — I appreciate what you say about short blog posts, but some of my favorites are on the wordy side. It depends on the subject, I think. Thanks for sharing the glimpse into both of your lives.

  6. Loved listening to this podcast! You ladies inspire me!

  7. Great podcast! A clothes tip for cold weather – dress in thin layers such as getting Cuddleduds shirts. This way you don’t have to get too many heavy sweaters and you’ll stay just as warm if not warmer. And tuck the bottom layer shirt in then no cold air will get up your back!

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