simple mom episode 4

The Simple Mom Podcast is back!  This week Tsh talks to Nicole of Simple Organic and Gidget Goes Home.  Nicole just welcomed her third child, Hallee into the world!  Tsh and Nicole talk all things baby, from fancy strollers to cloth diapers.  These two have some honest talk about what is essential when it comes to new babies at home.

a.  Hi Nicole!

b.  Cloth Diapers: It Doesn’t Have to be All or Nothing.  Lots more links to cloth diapering here:

c.  Nicole’s beautiful family!

d.  Reed’s handmade Easter shirt.

BOB Strollers

Bummis (both the diapers and Bummi covers)



Thirsties… (grossest diaper name ever, right?)

Laundry Tree

Hello Mornings, and #hellomornings (

• 2 great iced coffee recipes: and

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10 comments on “New Mom

  1. Katie Jul 22, 2011

    Following the link, or looking in iTunes, I cannot find this episode. Any suggestions?

  2. Barbara Jul 23, 2011

    Can you remind me of the name of the comedian you mentioned watching on netflix? Thanks! Can’t re-listen to the podcast just now to find it 😉

  3. Erin Louise Jul 29, 2011

    Hi! I love your podcasts! I’m not a mom yet but I am tucking away all the info and tips for the future. You are really an inspiration. Thankyou!

  4. Katie, I don’t have a problem seeing the podcast in either iTunes (using the link provided above) or straight here on the site. Maybe refresh and try again? Let us know if it doesn’t work.

  5. Miram Jul 31, 2011

    Hi! I’m not yet a mom but learning so much from you guys! Thanks for sharing :)
    Miriam in Germany

  6. Awesome show, friends! Loved it (as always!).

  7. Rachel Aug 10, 2011

    (I accidentally posted this on the last episode. Oops.) I don’t have kids, but still enjoyed the episode about diapers and newborn stuff. I’ve cared for a little one who was cloth diapered. It was wonderful. I mean, I wasn’t cleaning them after, but, changing-wise, it was great. Also, thanks for the part about not having to be more financially stable before having kids. That’s one thing we think about. :) Good to hear that kids aren’t as expensive as we think they are.

    I’m listening while I work, so I’m sure I’ll have more comments as I listen to more podcasts.

  8. Glad you mentioned soapnuts…I’ve been using them for a few months and really like them. Also wanted to let people know that I got really great customer service from them. I had ordered the largest quantity, and they were delivered when I wasn’t home, and someone apparently swiped them from outside the door! (We live in an apt. so there’s lots of traffic out there.) Laundry Tree sent a duplicate order the very next day for FREE.

  9. Cindy Aug 29, 2011

    Looking forward to listening to you as a new mom!

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