Today on the Simple Mom Podcast, Tsh speaks with Kara Fleck from about all things music! From family friendly music, the best and worst of holiday tunes, and how The Spice Girls ruined everything.

Clem Snide.

Recess Monkey

Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

Harry and the Potters

Johnny Cash Christmas Album

Jennifer Brown’s SimpleKids music column.

Steady Days Book Review

Jungle Out There Book Review

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3 comments on “Family Friendly Music

  1. About 2 years ago, when my oldest started singing along with the radio, I realized that the songs that I would belt out in the car did not sound so nice coming from the mouth of a 3 year old. The ideas and values that I was allowing into my children’s lives were not what I would have said our values were. Then I found christian radio. I started listening to it only when my kids were in the car with us then i just started leaving it on all the time. If you are christian and looking for good music for your whole family, christian music has come a long way in the past 20 years. It is really great music! has contemporary christian music. has christian Rock, Rap, and Alternative. plays christian Rock. These radio stations are national and the best thing is they are commercial free because they are listener supported.

  2. Jenna Oct 16, 2011

    Hi Simple Mom, love the podcast!
    I too am a de-clutterer and have downloaded all our family CD’s (over 1200) into iTunes but I kept the cd’s in binders in the attic and I am really grateful that I did because iTunes has a little bug in it that it will sometimes, randomly delete songs. We recently found this out when we got the latest iPod and it now shows how many songs are in each album and we started noticing some cd’s had as little as 4 or 5 songs on them when there used to be 14 or 20.
    Just in case :)

  3. Amber Feb 14, 2014

    We are lucky to have a kids radio program on one of our local radio stations every Saturday. It’s called the Kids Cookie Break and my kids love it.
    (can be listened to online here at

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