Megan’s still in the thick of the early days with these cuties:

megan's twins

And so we need to talk about light-hearted stuff. Or more specifically, light-hearted TV. Shows we dig, just for laughs:

Current fave blogs of Megan’s: Deeper Story et al, Hollywood Housewife, Against All Grain.

She uses BlogLovin’; Tsh uses Feedly and just wrote about it. However you read blogs—it’s all good.

And Megan’s kinda sad about not seeing this on the big screen:


Though it’ll save her tons o’ money, because date nights? Are expensive.

What are your favorite lowbrow shows? How do you read blogs? Did you sit in the wayback on family road trips?

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8 comments on “The Wayback

  1. My sister loves bloglovin, but I don’t like the way it keeps the posts marked as read up and visible, just greyed out. I use feedly, and I do like the way I can look at all the posts in a list and one click mark as read and not even open the post. Often by the title of some posts, depending on the blog, I know if I want to read it or not.

    I’m all into British murder mysteries — Foyle’s War, Inspector Lewis, Inspector Morse, Miss Marple. And Dr. Who, of course.

    I always got car sick, so no wayback for me.

  2. toniette May 17, 2013

    I’m Canadian, and there are couple of Canadian shows that we LOVE that may be available on Netflix/Hulu in the USA? First, a comedy thats a few years old, but is fabulous and pretty clean- Corner Gas. Second, historical drama set in Toronto in the early 1900s- Murdoch Mysteries. Both shows that my husband and I watched together and love :)

    Thanks for another great episode!

  3. Favorite low-brow shows: Glee and New Girl ///Favorite ‘engaging shows': Call the Midwife and Nashville, although Nashville isn’t nearly as ‘engaging’ I guess, just drama and Tami Taylor :)

    A drive through post-office–GENIUS. This place is still the bane of my existence, and my kids are 4 & 5! I still hate going there. We sell stuff on ebay all the time, so I was going multiple times a week, until my husband found an app that you can schedule a pickup of your package at your door! Pay for shipping online, and…no more post office! It has been so helpful.

    I can’t wait to read more about your traveling, Tsh!
    Sarah M

  4. Ellen W May 17, 2013

    TV wise right now I’m loving Nashville (Team Deacon) and Scandal which is over the top crazy.

  5. Sooooo much to say on this podcast, Tsh! I LOVED Megan’s “on grieving a good thing”. It’s especially relevant to me now as I recently found out I was expecting (ahhhhhh!). It seems like everyone around me is over the moon, but I’m still kinda unsteady about the whole thing. So great to see other women facing similar emotions. (And good to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! God is gracious!)

    Of course, there are lots of blogs I love to keep up with :) I’ve been finding “Pocket” as really useful to store posts I want to get around to. I also use bloglovin, but found Pocket handy for those links you may want to read later

    As far as fun TV shows, I was thinking and apparently I’m really wrapped up in the “deeper” series. (Call the Midwife, Sherlock, a show my husband just started watching called Justified) But my fun, quick, go-to-for-a-giggle is deffo The Colbert Report. Sometimes I do have to turn him off, but usually I find his perspective really entertaining and engaging.

    Thanks y’all for making so many know they’re not alone!

    • I love Stephen Colbert! Good one. And yes, I tend to go for deeper stuff, too… LOVE Sherlock. Wish there were more episodes. The last one totally left us hanging!

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