Megan’s back! It’s been quite awhile since she and I have chatted. Yay!

The twins are getting BIGGER:

megans kids


So cute.

Here’s the book series neither of us could remember: they’re called Your X-Year-Old by Louise Ames and Carol Haber.

Nurture by Nature—also a good one.

Leigh Kramer is a warehouse of enneagram knowledge—here’s a fantastic post she recently wrote.


Megan’s great post about dealing with toddler discipline.

Our favorite Paleo resources!


Whole 30, created by the couple at Whole 9 Life

Mark’s Daily Apple

Eat Like a Dinosaur

Everyday Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo

Practical Paleo

Well-Fed (and now, Well-Fed 2!)

Are you a fan of year-round school? What’s your opinion on temperament tests like Myers-Briggs and Enneagram? And good gracious, how do YOU handle the candy season? We’d love some ideas! 

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15 comments on “We’re Just Makin’ It Up

  1. Oh, your Enneagram discussion made me so happy, Megan and Tsh! I kept wanting to chime in. Thank you for linking to my post, too. Tsh, you’re right that the best way to figure out your type is to read through the profiles and then discern. Online tests and flashcards can be a starting point or confirmation. I do find the flashcards to be more reliable than the online tests. And Megan, spot on that if you resist being a certain type, it’s most likely what you are. No part of me wanted to be a 4 when I was first figuring out my type a few years ago but now I’ve learned to embrace it and figure out how it plays out in my relationships.

  2. I had never heard of enneagram before so that was really interesting. I love reading Penelope Trunk’s crazy blog (and her homeschool blog!) and she talks a LOT about Meyer’s Briggs. I can basically guess 3 out of 4 of my letters just by reading her posts about it. I’ve never taken a test, though.

    We’re year-round homeschoolers and after doing it last year, I don’t know that we’ll ever do anything else as long as we homeschool. I love it, the kids love it, and we don’t loose anything. We actually just took the week of Halloween off to have time to work on (their) costumes, do fun fall crafts like carmel apples, felt acorns, etc. and spend some of the last beautiful sunny days playing outside around here before the rain sets in for the winter season.

    Sarah M

    • Sarah! That is such a fun idea – taking a whole week off just to concentrate on a holiday. Love it. Makes this traditional schooler pretty jealous!

  3. Carolyn Jones Nov 3, 2013

    Hi Tsh, I want to comment on your observation that you find it easier to be “all or nothing” with your eating. I read something in Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project” that really resonated with me regarding this. She maintains that people can be divided into “abstainer” or “moderator” categories and by understanding your type, you can be more successful regarding your personal habits. Here is a link to one of her blog posts on the subject:
    I enjoy your website and podcasts very much!
    Carolyn J

  4. This is a random comment… I’ve been binge-listening to the Joy the Baker podcast and had the thought this morning that Tracy should be a great guest on Simple Mom. Tsh, have you ever thought of having her on? She’s mentioned on JtB that he loves listening to Simple Mom. I think she’d be great! Just a thought.

  5. A. I love Megan’s voice. If she read for books on tape, I would listen to all of them. Not to be creepy, but girl’s got a good voice.

    B. Y’all would love “The Female Brain” ( It talks a lot about the chemicals and hormones at different stages of a girl’s life and how it plays out. The pre-pre-pre puberty thing is covered. It’s really a fabulous resource for kids and even for myself!

  6. robyn Nov 6, 2013

    I don’t remember my parents ever really restricting the candy intake after Halloween, but I was one of those kids that would kind of hoard my candy and make it last. My Mom likes to remind me that I’d still have Halloween candy at Easter. And of course, I’m now a vegetarian with strict personal policies about not eating junkfood (no chips, no fries, no cake samples at the grocery, etc.).
    I tend to do the same things my parents did, try to model good eating habits and hope that when they’re adults, they’ll be able to make good choices.

  7. Alexa Nov 8, 2013

    I loved hearing Megan on the podcast again. She has such a sweet voice and is a warm and calming presence (even if it’s just an audio presence!).

  8. I loved your discussion on school and paleo! I can’t wait to check out the paleo resources you included. About year-round school… we call it modified traditional and our schools have being doing this schedule for about 20 years! I went 8th grade through high school on it and now my kid is in 8th and this is the only school schedule he knows. I loved it as a student. Just when I felt ready for a break we would get two weeks off! So, we go from the first of August to the first week in June with two weeks off after every quarter. It has also helped with our family vacations because in my husband’s line of work he cannot take off work during the summer so we go on vacation during fall break which is a much better time to travel IMHO. Anyway, thanks ladies! Love the podcast!

  9. Aussie here :) general school starts beginning of January and we have 10 weeks of term and then 2 weeks holiday. University is end of Feb to November and I really found having 13 week semester and the big holidays was such a big break really made it more stressful and holidays felt pointless as we don’t really have summer jobs available:)

  10. Brynn Nov 12, 2013

    Loved this podcast. I recently started eating Paleo so what a surprise to hear you ladies talk about it. Encouraging!

  11. havilahjoy Nov 18, 2013

    Yay! So glad you’re talking about the Enneagram! I always think “I wonder if Tsh knows about the enneagram?” every time you mentioned Myers Briggs. It is such a great tool.

  12. I’m a new listener and I loved this episode. I’m not a mama yet, but I am a pediatric nurse and I’ve found that 8 year old girls are the toughest of all my kiddos because they’re going through the exact same thing you ladies were talking about this week. So true. I guess it’s hard enough being an 8 year old girl, let alone having to be hospitalized. It’s pretty traumatic for them, and for the parents and nurses – hang in there! XO -Ani, Love Well Crafted

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