Tsh chats with Micha Boyett in this episode—her book Found was a favorites of 2014. They chat about Micha’s story as a mom learning from Benedictine monks, good books, slowing down as bloggers, and letting go of expectations.

Head here for the show notes.

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5 comments on “Work, study, rest, play (or, Hemingway’s tweets)

  1. I loved this interview. Hands down one of my favorite interviews on this podcast. Micha’s words resonated so deeply for me. I relate so much to the emotional changes motherhood bring, as well as the identity crisis that comes along with becoming a mother. I too had my first child 5 years ago and have since morphed and changed so much. I am beyond grateful for the person I have become today, and wouldn’t be that person without having had my son. However, that doesn’t mean the journey (that I am still trekking!) was not always easy. I too found I needed more time for prayer in my daily life, so I incorporated it into my work. Every morning I wake up and I write in my creativity journal and I create a work of art based on my daily intention I set for each day. It has been an earth-moving experience for me, I live in the SF Bay area too so I am used to the ground moving-ha!, but finding the time to be quiet and be with one’s thoughts once a day has a way of settling the dust of our days and clearing the path we need to walk. I am off to buy Micha’s book. Thanks again Tsh for all your hard work and for bringing forward such amazing guests.

  2. I just listened to this entire epidsode while prepping dinner & doing all of the dishes in my dishwasherless kitchen. I am new to the podcast; a close friend recommended this episode, and I found myself nodding and mm-hmmming my way through the entire thing, even tearing up a time or two. So many of the things you discussed hit me at such a deep place – particularly the conversation about slow blogging and the calling within motherhood and the idea that our Father does not expect us to be productive children. So basically the whole thing.
    I can’t wait to share this with my circle of mama friends.
    Thank you!

  3. Rachel Feb 2, 2015

    I had been wondering how you were getting on with your Scrubba as I have been thinking of getting one too. That is so neat that it is working as well as you thought it would. Having scrubbed clothes in buckets in India in the past, I know the feeling of clothes not feeling quite clean.

  4. Cherie Mar 2, 2015

    Loved, loved, LOVED it this podcast! Thanks for sharing.

  5. On being forgotten: I’m in a way different place than you both, because I’ve never been a “big deal,” but my cure for the fear of being forgotten was learning to embrace motherhood as my most powerful, my very best job. Sure there is drudgery involved, but I really have come to believe that no job I could have, no book I could write, will be as far-reaching. I will be remembered through the generations because I am through and through a mother. It is a huge part of my identity, and I am not ashamed of that at all. I just believe that God has a mother-identity as well as a father-identity, and He’s given me that part of Himself to carry… I always had it, as I believe all women do, but actually bearing children really brought it out in the most intense way: I had to confront my mother-identity …Um…. apparently I need to write a whole post on this. =)

    COFFEE! I am so jealous they live in San Francisco. I worked at Peets coffee for years and am a totaly coffee snob, LOL, and I also drink mine just with cream. My husband is from San Francisco. We live in Virgina now. I have to get Starbucks at times!The short cappuccino with a double shot… it’s …okay, in a pinch.

    Golly, I’m rambling in someone’s comments. SO MUCH of what you said resonated with me, Micha, thank you for coming on here, your voice is refreshing. Tsh, thanks for doing so much interesting stuff! I’ve loved finding you.

    OMgoodness, I’m an ENFP as well. You guys have to end this episode before I keep talking! Pushing publish now!

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