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Homefries University

Yeow! It’s the Ruffle Queen

The Art of Simple Podcast 22

In This Episode…

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It’s time for another podcast! Today, Tsh is chatting with Maggie Whitley—but you may know her better as Gussy.

She’s the owner and creative behind Gussy Sews—it’s awesome stuff. Really. Shocking she’s only been sewing a few years. She’s earned her nickname, the Ruffle Queen. See?

She sews on an old sewing machine! (It’s actually Tsh’s mom’s exact machine model, too.)

Check out her entire sewing studio!

Oh, and we both love Etsy, too.

(Here’s a pic of Kyle walking down the street carrying ruffles in broad daylight.)

Gussy also recently went to Tanzania with Compassion. She’s a girl after my own heart—I love me some Compassion, too. Is this not the cutest kid ever?

Our mutual friend Nester went, too.

We’re no strangers to conferences… Maggie recently went to the Snap! Conference and loved it.

And Maggie finally spills the beans on how to pronounce “Yeow.” Important stuff in this podcast.