It’s time for podcasting with Myquillyn! You might know her better as The Nester… She’s fabulous.

She and Tsh laugh a lot. That might be because they’re both INTJs, like this fun guy:

People love us at parties.

Look at what you find when you Google INTJ:

You gotta order the official test or take it with a counselor, but here’s a basic online version, if you’re curious.

It’s that time of year again—Tour of Homes! You can add your link at the bottom of Myquillyn’s post—we wanna see your houses. Here’s some of hers:

And here’s some of Tsh’s:

Here’s more of her house.

We also like to bake with our kids. Myquillyn tried—and loved—marshmallows with one of her boys:

They look and sound amaaaaazing—here’s the recipe.

Here’s granny fudge:

And super-easy toffee:

Lisa Jo is lovely. She reminds us that our house is only as big as our hospitality.

And if you’re curious, here’s our crazy big microphones:

How are you dealing with talking to the kids about Sandy Hook? Do you have any holiday recipes that you like to make with your kids? And are you a believer in the Myers-Briggs test?

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10 comments on “Your Dreams Can Be Dumb

  1. Loved listening to this episode! You two helped me during my CRAZY commute home yesterday. Apparently everyone and their mother wants to be on the Golden Gate Bridge taking pictures this week!

    So funny to hear about your personality types. Joy & I are INFJs. Which I guess makes us feelers? Anyways–I am really excited to have found the Nester! And perhaps making my own marshmallows will help me to like them? We’ll see…

    • You can’t get more fun than Myquillyn. We’re big at parties together.

    • Oh, and I guess it means that you and Joy care more about people’s feelings than me and Myq. Or something like that. Or, we CARE, but we just don’t want to talk about it that much. 😉

  2. Also an INTJ, I remember taking the test in college and getting a bit freaked out by the results.

  3. Ali W. Jan 7, 2013

    I’m an INTJ too. When did we get such a bad reputation?

  4. I first took the Myers Briggs test in high school, but I don’t remember what it came out too. I was so glad that you brought it up again (and again! and again! haha :) because I’m really curious to know what I am. I took it and got ISFJ and then again and got INFJ. Is it possible to flip back and forth? Hm.. Anyways, I’ve been listening to the show on my walks lately, and it’s such a breath of fresh air!

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