Time to chat with Emily Freeman again! She just finished writing her book and is knee-deep in editing.

Tsh is knee-deep in writing. Two weeks and counting till her deadline.

Tsh and Emily talk about a lot of their faves. Here’s some of the blog posts they reference:

Don Miller :: How my faith has changed since “Blue Like Jazz”

Jon Acuff :: Two words the world needs and 10 things writing my 4th book taught me

They also talk about synesthesia, Emily’s awesome “condition” where letters and numbers have colors. And sometimes music. She’s weird, but in a very cool way.

Check out this woman, however—she sees and tastes music and words. Hopefully food, too:

And here’s some books they’re digging:

Kate Morton’s books
Real Church by Larry Crabb
Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg
Drive by Daniel Pink
The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin

And their favorite TED Talks:

Schools Kills Creativity and Bring on the Learning Revolution by Sir Ken Robinson
Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Puzzle of Motivation by Daniel Pink

Tsh missed this at the Golden Globes:

But she did see this about the sound production of Les Misérables:

What do you think of the Les Mes movie? Are you (or do you love) a synesthete? What’s your favorite TED Talk? Tell us in the comments?

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22 comments on “Your Name Tastes Like Cake

  1. I love TED talks! My favorite is one by Brene Brown. http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html (She has 2 TED talks and both are great!)

  2. I actually had no idea about synesthesia until now. I mean, i knew some people saw things differently, but I never knew it was thing.This strikes me because I may have a minor form of synesthesia myself, as I see numbers spacially (i think that’s the right word). they’re not necessarily on a graph or anything, but they’re mid-air and they move up and down in space. like my 1-10 move upwards in a diagonal fashion and then start to level out, although each “10 place” (20, 30, 40 etc) is a little bit higher and farther away than the prior. And then when I get to 100, the cycle starts all over.
    Wow – pretty sure I’ve never explained this oddity to anyone before, and it probably makes no sense at all.
    so really, most people don’t see numbers in a specific way in their head? This whole time, I thought it was fairly normal. huh….
    Anyway, great podcast – Every time I get a chance to listen, I am reminded that I need to do this on a more regular basis. Simple Mom grounds me, and this Mama needs lots of grounding and simplicity in her crazy life. So thank you Tsh.

  3. It’s not so easy to recognize if you’re a synaesthete because to you it all is so normal. I am a synaesthete. I smell colors and I taste sensations. For example good “making love” tastes like orange lemonade to me. :-)

    I also have a strange relationship with numbers. They have kind of personalities to me. But that is really hard to describe. Time is also something spherical, a year looks like an oval and the present is moving on it.

    Who knows which further things are normal for me but not for others?

    Thank you for this great podcast! I love it!


    • Makes complete sense to me. Time is definitely an oval – moves in a counter clock-wise direction. (I realize how strange that sounds).

      I wrote a poem about my numbers, and now I prove my crazy:

      While One is young and stubborn (he doesn’t like to share his toys),
      Two seems more compliant, a sweet, loving little boy.
      Three sounds sweet and girly, red ribbons in her hair;
      Four wears a tuxedo and clearly has black hair.
      Five is round and jolly, named Santa Claus or Clyde,
      Six is rather boring, green with envy, filled with pride.
      Seven is eccentric, transgendered and quite kind;
      Eight is wise beyond her years; elegant, refined.
      Nine is strong, responsible, and supportive of her lover;
      And Ten, though courting Nine by day, at night flirts undercover.

      • Best. Comment. EVER.

        (Also? You people are certifiable.)

      • I feel SO much better. I have tried explaining this concept of the personality of numbers to my family for years. My daughter gets it…but the rest of our family looks at us like we are total loons. I feel vindicated!!! 😀

      • Sara S. Jan 28, 2013

        I have to say that Oh. My. Goodness. It is so cool that y’all taste, see and smell all these things! I know it may be weird to some but I think it is so cool! {And can I confess something? I kinda wish I was a synaesthete.}

      • I die. Right here.
        Also, have you read anything by John Green? I think you might get him. Also, The Age of Miracles.
        Basically, I’m recommending all of my weirdo/nerd fiction. Which happens to be my very favorite, so see it as a compliment. :)

  4. I totally see the year as a visual thing, and some things have colours, but I’ve always assumed that I’m just a visual person. Maybe I can add it to my list of odd things. Speaking of, you now have me obsessed with Myers-Briggs and I keep forcing my loved ones to take tests and talk about it with me. Seriously though, figuring out that I’m an INTJ has been really helpful, so thanks!

  5. I love the Robyn O’Brien talk about her book, The Unhealthy Truth. It changed the way I feed my family. Love the podcasts!

  6. trusting365 Jan 19, 2013

    i think that certain combination of numbers are related to memories for me

  7. My brother and I have had a few conversations about how for us, numbers have specific personalities. The rest of the family thinks we’re nuts, but thanks to you I can tell them they just jealous because they don’t have the gift of synesthesia!

  8. Do you have a link to a web version of the Myers Briggs test?

  9. Thank you so much for this podcast! I love them all, and love how it’s like having friends hanging out while I’m washing dishes, driving, or folding laundry. I love this one in particular -something Emily said made me do some more reading on synesthesia, and I think I must have mumber-form synesthesia! I had NO IDEA – not everyone sees the days of the week backward and slanted down! I hadn’t even really thought about it until tonight, and when I type it out it sounds kind of silly. The months of the year (from January until August or so) go up in space, kind of like Star Wars words (the background fades to black all the way up at January), and my perspective is kind of hovering over August. And any individual number is on a number line (black numbers in white squares on a very light grey background, kind of floating in space). So neat! And I won’t even get started on Myers Briggs! Thanks Tsh!

    • That’s pretty awesome! Kyle says he sees months of the year and days of the week scrolling through in a circle, kinda like a Rolodex or maybe how you scroll through pics on an iPhone. You people are nuts! 😉

    • Totally get it. Except your months are all wrong – it’s a counter clockwise circle! But I get your perspective hovering over August. Does your calendar have a big gap between December and January? Because mine does. And you have to leap really high to get into the next year. #crazy

      • Yes, there is a gap between December & January (January is to the left and up a bit from December), and a big space to
        next year’s strip (months are vertical), and yes, it’s a huge jump to next year! I think lots
        of mine are right to left (backwards), kind of similar to the weeks I mentioned. I wish mine had some colour attributes, though – mind are all greyscale. And I find it so funny that your months are circular – mine are all straight lines. Which is completely and totally not what I would choose – I would have asymetrical patterns and lines and curves and all sorts of colours, if I could pick!

  10. I sort of wish I had some sort of synesthesia! It sounds fascinating. :)

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