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Homefries University

The Table Set

Andy, Greg, and Nathan are three gentlemen that know how to throw a party.

Each week, these three gather around their dining room table to talk entertaining. From cocktails to decor, Andy, Greg, and Nathan will talk you through your next cocktail party. From pool parties, to Palm Spings sleepovers, these three have it down.

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58Taco Tuesday

It’s Tuesday. Well at least it was when the guys sat around the table to talk Taco. So listen in as Andy, Greg and Nathan try to decipher just what a Taco is and what it isn’t. Are Tacos highbrow …

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57Not Sorry

It’s no secret to Homefries listeners, but our skipper is leaving the Best Coast for the French Quarter! Before she packed up her kitchen and drugged her cat to road trip to beignet land, The Table Set was …

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56To Russia with Love

This week the guys from The Table Set make the questionable transition from Cabbage Patch Kids to the Russian phrase Na Zdorovie? Which may not make much sense to you until you’ve watched the video and listened to the episode. …

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55Year of the Spice

Another year gone by! Hard to believe. Here on The Table Set, it's time to look back on the year to assess where the party was...

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54Holiday Cocktail Shtik

The holidays call for for feasting. This time on The Table Set the guys sit down around an extended table full of friends to celebrate a mish-mash of holidays.

But feasting isn’t the only way to party. There’s also …

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53Men vs. Food

It’s that time of year. The start of the Holidays and the colossal eating marathon that makes The Table Set feel like it’s them against all that food. It’s hard not to overindulge. In order to train for the eating …

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52Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it? There’s a change in the air. It’s the change in the seasons. The guys step out this episode to celebrate that change. Because even in Los Angeles you can feel the subtle shift, as Summer turns …

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Partying is something perhaps we all take for granted. On this very special ponderous episode of The Table Set the boys examine just how they ended up around Greg’s table, devoted to the art of party. Where did it all …

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50Cin-Cin in Italian

Of course the guys at The Table Set attended a few parties since you heard from them last. Of course they did. The heat of summer means parties at pools, trips to cool cities and an escape to fresh mountain …

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It’s July, and it’s hot. But that doesn’t mean the party has to stop.

The guys at The Table Set are handling the heat each in their own way. From beer floats at The Surly Goat, to ‘fourthajuly’ and …

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48The Three M's

Martini, martini, martini. James Thurber once said: “One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.” And wasn’t it W.C. Fields who said: “Buy me a drink and I’ll sing like a canary?” These quotes …

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47 Beyond The (Sea) Biscuit

There’s always a party in LA. This week the guys invite a guest to talk about parties they’ve been to (CicLAvia) and parties they’d like to attend (The Kentucky Derby).

Their guest is Whitney who you know from her podcast …

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46My Blue Hawaii

Last time on the Table Set, the gents were getting excited for the season premier of Mad Men.  After watching it, Andy has decided that there was plenty to get excited about.  He was especially swooning over the opening scene …

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45Damn Good Coffee

The Table Set boys know how to party. But even pros have off days. Greg got a bee in his bonnet (literally), and Nathan’s blind tiki date went, well, sour when the bar never opened. Luckily Andy triumphed at

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44Happy Hipster Easter

This week the guys hip hop down the bunny trail on their way to a Happy Hipster Easter– with a few party stops along the way.

The first stop comes from Greg who hosted a 60th wedding anniversary at his …

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43Science Soy Bread

It isn’t often that someone tells you they have a craving for tofu, but this week, Greg had just such a craving.  Specifically for the Korean specialty Soontofu.

To satisfy this craving, the gentlemen decided to take a field trip …

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42Not Green Beer

It’s no secret. The Table Set loves beer. Often replacing wine paired with a meal, mixed in a cocktail (Campari & IPA, anyone?), or baked into a cake, beer always has a place at this table. With St. …

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41It's a Hot Mess

Love is in the air. But while the Table Set boys are all slightly curmudgeon-y about the commercial construction of Vday (listen to last year’s Pink Paper Hearts episode), who doesn’t like the idea of staying in and getting cozy …

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40Winter Warmer

Is winter coming or is it going? That depends on where you live. This week the guys try to sort it all out. From warm grogs to hot pots, “what’s hot and what’s not”?

Even their parties this week are …

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39Year of the Smoke

2012. What a year! This week the guys recount the high points from their joint epicurean adventures and look forward into a hopefully equally hedonistic 2013.

Of course most recently on the holiday episode, the …

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38New Pajamas

It’s time to celebrate Christmas. Or at least Christmas Eve Eve. Because in this time of hustle and bustle it can be hard to carve out time on the big day to celebrate with all of your friends and family …

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37Poker Face

Andy’s got a party idea.  An idea that was birthed from a weird place: from watching the movie Parents! Yes, a weird comedy-horror film from the 80s about cannibalism inspired Andy to …

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36Pee Cans Next Stop!

The Table Set guys are hitting the road!

The bus headed north from LA on the 101, en route to the annual food-filled festival that brought the three together in the first place, Foodbuzz Blogger Fest in San Francisco. …

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35Not Talking Turkey

This week is Thanksgiving and the guys are not talking turkey. Or at least they’re trying not to. Because you have to admit, turkey-mania sets in this time of year and sometimes it’s hard to get on board.

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34Dilled Torsk

This week’s party is all wet as the guys talk seafood. Greg and Andy are longtime seafood lovers. Land-locked as a child of the Sonoran desert, it took a move to Portland, OR for Nathan to get on board and …

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33Dark and Stormy Night

Where’s the Party, witches??

Andy was a guest on the Dining With Doug and Karen podcast and cooked them up some krazy things (hint: “Jackalope Tacos” were definitely involved). Check it out!

Greg was a …

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32Eggs In Jail

The Table Set guys have been mighty busy!

Greg was just in Alaska learning all about Alaska Seafood, and cooking it up too. His Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon Sliders were a hit – if only he had gotten …

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31How Old Are You Now?

The Table Set Gents talk birthdays. Does age really matter? Do surprise parties ever work? And is 40 "over the hill"?!?

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30The Hangover


The boys of the Table Set have been BUSY this summer. Soberingly so.

Andy and Nathan were just in SF gorging on killer Lamb Poutine, craft beer and wine to the sounds of Die Antwoord

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29Party Like It's 1899

This week the guys at The Table Set want to party like it’s 1899! And that includes strippers. Oh yes it does. Well pole dancers– actually. But it also includes ice cream. The very thing we all scream for when …

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It’s fourthajuly! And lowbrow hot dogs, lawn games, and personal brands of patriotism are the rage.

Greg’s going to the desert -as always- to celebrate with a red, white and blue boozy gelee martini glass of liberty love in …

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27Single Mingle in the City

Wedding bells, parties of two, double dates; Andy’s had enough! Parties of one are fine, but how can a savvy single truly mingle in today’s jaded media-controlled environment? In this very special episode The Table Set guys channel their …

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26Shumai On The Fly

I know you know the words to that famous song from South Pacific. It’s all about an unexpected meeting that changes a young man’s life forever. In the case of the Broadway musical the life changing moment comes in the …

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25Where's the Party?

It’s spring everywhere you look here in Southern California and the gentlemen at The Table Set have all sorts of seasonal entertaining planned. It’s the perfect time of year for parties in Palm Springs. It also seems the birthdays of …

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24Spring Rejuvenation

The gentlemen are back with tips to freshen up your life this spring!

And yet they “hopped” right over the biggest holiday of the spring, Easter! They may not have talked about it on the ‘cast, but they did take …

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23Living in a Food World

This week the gentlemen discuss their “Culinary Muses.”  Where do they look to for ideas?!?


Well, they all love Martha Stewart.  Duh.  And Thomas Keller.


Of course they all inspire each other too.  Remember the You inspire me …

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22Dinner Party

Andy has an itch to throw an old school multi-course dinner party. So the gentlemen discuss dinner parties (but don’t they every week?!?) to help inspire the menu.

Spoiler alert: the dinner was a big success!

Host gifts! Rather …

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21Green Beer

The Table Set is never one to skimp on a holiday. An excuse to party is reason enough to celebrate! While to many St. Patrick’s Day is a bar holiday, for Nathan it was always first and foremost his big …

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20Sunday Sizzler

It’s a happy day when a friend says “bring octopus” and it can only mean one thing. Potluck. This week the gents have decided to re-address the Potluck Party. Because it should be more about a communal gathering of …

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19Pink Paper Hearts

The Table Set has a crush.

So they invited her to record with them! Kristin “The Cuisinerd” is one glitter-obsessed guest not to be messed with. And she sure knows how to bring it for Valentine’s Day. Like with …

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18Stay Tuned

It’s Awards Season. The Super Bowl is coming. And you know you have to catch up with Don Draper at a Mad Men Marathon before the new season starts. So get off the couch and into the spirit. Turn on …

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17Give Me Some Beads!

If you’ve got the post-holiday blues, The Table Set has a solution for you. Mardi Gras isn’t just one day in February, the party lasts for weeks. To get you up on all things Mardi Gras, the Gents bring …

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16New Year's Eve

It’s that time of year again: the end of the year.  It’s a time to celebrate all the good that happened over the last year.  And naturally, it’s a time to party.

Perhaps you aren’t so into the New Years …

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‘Tis the season, and The Table Set is having a holiday party. You’d be invited… but it already happened.

But regardless, these Gentlemen have the ideas (and outfits) to put you in the holiday party spirit!

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This week, Andy, Greg and Nathan are talking turkey… or lack thereof! Thanksgiving Unconventional: call it T-Gives!

Andy talks about his epic vegetarian Thanksgiving. No tofurkey …

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13Party of Two


Nathan has a special someone coming over for dinner. First impressions matter, so Andy and Greg are ready to help him plan the perfect “Party of 2″

Forget roses, champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries, The Table Set is ready …

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12 All Hallow's EVOO

This week the boys talk Nathan’s favorite holiday: Halloween! So grab some dry ice, Twix bars and Pop Rocks and get ready to get your Trick or Treat …

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Let’s go on an adventure with TASTE! This week on The Table Set, Greg, Andy and Nathan help plan Andy’s 25th birthday bash: 25 courses for 25 people to celebrate Andy’s …

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10Tea Party

It’s tea time with The Table Set.  Settle in with a hot cup of …

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This episode of The Table Set goes Tiki!  Greg, Nathan, and Andy discuss all things tiki from Mai Tais to Rumaki.  Grab your vintage Hawaiian shirt and pineapple …

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The Table Set goes camping!  Pack up …

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7Party of One

Greg is aaaalllll alone.  What on earth is he going to do with himself?  Wallow in self pity?  Wander the streets of Los Angeles?  Get lost in a …

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6Put an Egg on It!

Andy, Greg, and Nathan know how to brunch.  Call them experts.  From poached quail eggs to Mexican breakfast sandwiches, these three know how to throw down with breakfast in …

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5Vitamin P

This week on The Table Set, Greg, Andy, and Nathan talk summer picnics.  What to eat.  How to pack it.  Where to eat it.  And yes… Nathan has a cocktail suitcase. …

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4Party Starters

This week Andy, Greg, and Nathan talk about how to kick off a dinner party!  They discuss everything from amuse bouches to booze, sherry to vinegar powder.  It …

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3Housewarming Whine

Andy, Greg, and Nathan plan a housewarming party for Nathan’s new digs.  They discuss sandwich bars, creative cole slaws, and a drink made from the giant citrus monsters in …

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2Dinosaur Eggs

Andy, Greg, and Nathan talk about cooking on the road.  How do you entertain while you’re traveling?  How do you cook lamb kebabs on the roof in the dark? …

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1Pug in the Pool

[h4][dropcap]A[/dropcap]ndy, Greg, and Nathan tell you how to throw a raging pool party, with or without a pool.

Great drink recipes, perfect food ideas, ice cream sandwiches, and a  pug in the pool. …

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Your Hosts

Andy Windak

Andy is the young boy genius chef. He is most often seen at various Southern California farmers’ markets and beside the stove in a chef’s coat stirring some sort of fragrant honey into sauteed kale. His flavors always have a story behind them.  From Tempeh Sloppy Joes to Beef Heart Tacos, Andy cooks it all… and loves to talk about it too.  Find Andy at WindAttack and on Twitter.

Greg Henry

Greg is the host with impeccable taste, a gorgeous kitchen, and flatware that would make even the Queen green with envy. He’s got an eye for fine design and a taste for all things delicious.  Greg is no nonsense.  He’ll tell you what’s what when it comes to proper entertaining.  Greg is also the voice behind SippitySup.  Say hello on Twitter!

Nathan Hazard

Nathan is the cocktail master. He knows that smacking a basil leaf and adding just a dash of sweet vermouth can take a cocktail form great to downright mean. Nathan also has great taste in bow ties and rivals Andy for most stylish spectacles.  With impeccable taste and wide cocktail sense, Nathan can be found at The Chocolate of Meats, and on Twitter.