Can you feel it? There’s a change in the air. It’s the change in the seasons. The guys step out this episode to celebrate that change. Because even in Los Angeles you can feel the subtle shift, as Summer turns to Autumn. The days seem bluer and the nights last a little longer. Hollywood Blvd crackles under the bright blue light as the guys gather at Berlin Currywurst, their local beer garden, to discuss all things seasonal. So listen in. This is a sort of Oktoberfest. There’s something in the air. Can you feel it?


The guys choose a table away from the hubbub, and sit down to plates of German currywurst sausage to discuss the season. But Greg has other things on his mind.

gregbeerThe seasons may be changing, but there’s always a party. Andy just celebrated his birthday. He made another trip up to the Madonna Inn along California’s Central Coast. He’s trying to recreate something from his childhood. Again and again. Or is he? Did you know there’s only one round bed at the Madonna Inn, and Andy slept on it?


Autumn: It’s “the gateway to the holiday season”. In other words, Nathan had a birthday too. His plan this year was simple– tiki drinks and a ghoulish movie.  There were even costumes. You aren’t surprised are you? Nathan loves a good costume (and a good scare… and a good tiki drink). It looks like he got all three.


Greg’s party has been 20 years in the making. So he takes a moment to share his love for the Hollywood Bowl. It’s taken decades, but Greg believes he’s finally got the best seat in the house.

HollywoodBowlGreg is also convinced it’s time to turn the page on seasonal produce. He suggests something with Persimmons, and offers up this recipe for an Fall salad: Fuyu Persimmon with Arugula and Pomegranate. Nathan and Andy are not quite ready to let loose of the bounty that is summer. Each insisting that there is still time to enjoy peaches and tomatoes. Greg concedes (somewhat), but still insists the summer season is waning and Nathan had best get busy making his annual Peach Dumpling.



Cronuts are the latest food trend to gag the nation. Do you ever feel like these food trends are just too overwhelming? Do you really have to jump on board everytime?


But there is one seasonal treat that survives the test of time. It’s not the first time the guys have sung its praises. Bonny Doon’s ¿Querry? is a French style apple/pear/quince hard cider that is perfectly seasonal. It was discovered by the LA Times recently, so there might be a run on the stuff. The guys suggest you stock up.


Halloween is in the air. Are you ready? Andy’s considering another attempt at a cross-dressing Food Network Star. Nathan loves costumes (all year long). He generally waits until the last minute for the Halloween inspiration to hit. It always seems to hit just in time. After all, it’s the perfect excuse to pick up a matador outfit (or a bucket of chicken). Greg would rather sit the holiday out this year and just might, but what about you?


Costumes aren’t the only way to observe the holiday. Just check out Twitter. You’ll find lots of inspiration. Maybe too much inspiration. Do pumpkins really need a #hashtag of their own?

PumpkinsBut what about Oktoberfest? Doesn’t that usually involve beer? Greg just got a cookbook that’s all about beer. Cooking with beer. It’s written by Jacquelyn Dodd, better known here as The Beeroness (and a past guest on this show). Her new book The Craft Beer Cookbook will have you cooking with beer. All kinds.


Enjoy the change of season. Let us know what it’s like where you live.

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