Of course the guys at The Table Set attended a few parties since you heard from them last. Of course they did. The heat of summer means parties at pools, trips to cool cities and an escape to fresh mountain air.

However, this episode is devoted almost entirely to a single party. The idea for this party came to the guys while sharing bad gimlets and fried food at Miceli’s in Hollywood, CA. Does that description leave you thinking they had a bad time at Miceli’s? It shouldn’t. Old school Italian restaurants, red checkered tablecloths and all, play a big part in the American culinary experience. In fact, their trip to Miceli’s (musical interlude included) inspired these guys to throw an old school Italian dinner party of their own. To keep things honest, they invited Greg’s friend Francesco. A true Italian who knows a thing or two about pasta. They also invited the ‘little gay record player’. He’s been tucked away in the closet far too long.

More great friends and lots of great food made for a memorable evening. Some of the recipes are included here in the show notes. Andy also has links to his drinkable dessert and an innovative chopped salad on his blog The Wind Attack. Greg made an rather new school arancini for this old school party. His recipe can be found on Sippity Sup. Nathan is off to Japan (more on that later) but he left his cocktail recipes here for you to enjoy.

Francesco’s lasagna recipe is a secret. As well it should be.

The Table Set Cin Cin

The Table Set Roasted Olives

The Table Set Cocktail

The Table Set Arancini

The Table Set Chopped Salad

The Table Set Cocktail

The Table Set Lasagna

Lasagna from The Table Set

The Table Set Tiramisu

Italian Hits


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