The Table Set boys know how to party. But even pros have off days.
Greg got a bee in his bonnet (literally), and Nathan’s blind tiki date went, well, sour when the bar never opened. Luckily Andy triumphed at Dapper Day whilst the rest of Hollywood was glued to the tube.


Yes, the Academy Awards is a big one when it comes to TV Parties. But drunk celebs and sports events aside, television program marathons can be an even more perfect excuse to geek-out on a major theme.

Nathan’s flannel-clad My So-Called Life TV party was one of his most successful to date, but Andy thinks the only thing less fun[ny?] than watching Claire Danes cry all day is the opening credits to David Lynch’s cult nineties TV classic, Twin Peaks.

It just so happens that Twin Peaks is just what Nathan has in store for his TV Party 2.0 ever since the amazing “In the Trees: Twin Peaks’ 20th Anniversary Art Show” at Clifton’s Brookdale historic cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles. For the Log Lady, a Bûche de Noël would be a fitting centerpiece homage, with Cherry Sherry Cobbler cocktails and damn fine cups of coffee spiked with glazed donut vodka(!) to sip on.


Of course, spending a cozy June Gloom weekend indoors eating cherry pie may not be for everyone(?!). Another favorite TV series of the boys’ that is ripe with less-esoteric thematic ease is the quintessential Mad Men.


In light of Season 6’s premiere, Andy reflects on his spirited Steak a la Betty Draper Mad Men TV party of seasons past. What would he do differently now? Deep into the Swinging Sixties, the allure of color-blocked Palm Springs chic, zany toothpick foods, and prototiki fruity drinks come to mind…


Greg and Andy have been chomping at the bit to talk about Arrested Development ever since its highly-anticipated return was announced. With Netflix’s marathon-ready season 4 bulk release nigh, there is still much to plan.


Signature cocktail? That would probably be a LucilleCloudmir Vodka & tonic (homemade, naturally). Andy wants to print out labels of the fictional Cloudmir brand to dress bottles for the table – and maybe “blue” himself while he’s at it!


Chocolate-covered bananas rolled in mixed nuttiness are a no-brainer, for snacks. Andy has more complex and delicious-sounding plans for the Cornballer though, while Greg suggests a spin-off combo involving fried deviled eggs. Nathan would also settle for a scoop of sweet corn ice cream. Andy’s pièce de résistance however is his inspired ramen-like savory Hot Ham Water

What to wear where?? Luckily TV parties make that part easy (but tell me honestly, does this log make me look fat?)



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2 comments on “Damn Good Coffee

  1. I vote for pimiento cheese for an appetizer-that’s a food I wish hadn’t gone out of style. Also, did you know there is actually a Mad Men Drink app? It’s pretty nifty.

  2. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s still plenty of meat on that bone. Now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato. Baby, you’ve got a stew going!”

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