Where’s the Party, witches??

Andy was a guest on the Dining With Doug and Karen podcast and cooked them up some krazy things (hint: “Jackalope Tacos” were definitely involved). Check it out!

Greg was a judge for KCRW’s annual Good Food Pie Contest. He had to eat 285 pies! No problem for this piaestro.

Nathan went to a picturesque hill-top wedding party on the grounds of a once-hopeful underground hobbit hotel… Yep! The scene and spooky soundtrack from Gorey-esque local LA band Dirt Bird felt almost more perfect for a winning Halloween party…

And boy did it creep up! It’s Halloween time again!

Last year’s spooky episode was chockfull of Count Chocula ice cream and moonshine, but the boys have plenty more tricks and treats up their sleeves.

TRICK your guests with campy favorites like [wiener] worms, [cauliflower] brains, [apple] lips with [almond] teeth, and [lychee] eyeballs!

TREAT with freshly roasted pumpkin seeds or classic goblin gorp. Andy likes to add jelly to his homemade peanut butter cups and tingly ghost pepper salt to salted caramels; Nathan wants to try making merengue bones and spicy-sweet pepita brittle with chili; And Greg’s making his own candy this year, including this old-fashioned recipe.

Truth be told, candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. So What’s in Nathan’s Liquor Cabinet?
Last year it was Strega (“witch” in Italian), which Nathan used to make the bewitching signature Witching Hour cocktail. This year he opted for approachability, utilizing the scariest spiced black rum on the market, The Kraken.

While entertaining, a big bowl of punch with bobbing apples frees up time for other ghoulish delights. Nathan has a Halloween stand-by that always delivers, spiked with homemade pumpkin-infused bourbon, and inspired by the Washington Irving American folklore classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

For spooky cocktail garnishes try the alien-esque wild hibiscus blossom or a bloody pickled beet!

Andy enjoys the anonymity of costume parties and finds them to be the best kind of parties for letting go of inhibitions and talking to new people. Shake up your guest list, require masks, and perhaps create a “trick or treat” type game that requires social interaction with every person in the room.

Pumpkin carving is always a winner. Whether super classic or artfully non-traditional, gather with friends, play a scary movie, and get inspired!

We know Andy still wants to be Zombie Julia Child for Halloween, but what about you? Dress as your favorite TV chef in a pinch with these silly print-out celebrity masks.

Or you could always goes as The Little Gay Record Player. You, party animal, you.

What’s your favorite TRICK or TREAT? 

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