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The Table Set 28

In This Episode…

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It’s fourthajuly! And lowbrow hot dogs, lawn games, and personal brands of patriotism are the rage.

Greg’s going to the desert -as always- to celebrate with a red, white and blue boozy gelee martini glass of liberty love in hand, and he’s very excited about.

Andy is nostalgic about the fireworks, but Nathan would rather talk about the popsicles. Red, white and blue bomb pops (the white is LEMON, Greg!) are the bee’s knees, and can only get better when they’re boozy.

Greg is thinking about democracy, and considering going Greek this year. Of course that means lamb burgers, spanakopita and berry-studding some baklava. Why not?!

But speaking of burgers, fourthajuly is the ultimate summer day, which requires an ultimate burger. The guys share their faves; Greg’s best burger is downright patriotic with blue cheese and red wine-brined red onions.

Nathan likes a no-BS perfect classic burger, predictably topped with fire-roasted chiles.

Andy prefers his burgers seasoned with truffles and porcini powder, topped with blue cheese and chestnut honey. Zingy! But he is also always up for blackened tempeh burgers, of course.

Sparkler-lighting cigarettes, fireworks in the underwear drawer, 3 year-olds with bottles rockets, it’s all a bit much for Nathan. But Andy’s all about dancing in the streets with the pyro kids. Although, if you skip the fireworks, you’re probably having too much fun with your friends, and probably because you’re -as Andy says- drankin.

Nathan is Pinterested in this watermelon spigot situation, and Greg’s 100% on board. The whole thing is begging for moonshine – As Greg says “moonshine and watermelon were BORN to be together!”

But Andy’s passing up the moonshine this year for a sobering all-American glass of fruity lemonade.

Nathan is excited about his newest project, another brilliant idea from his Portland bartending buddy Jeffrey Morgenthaler. This time it’s bottling carbonated cocktails, and fourthajuly is the perfect time for a crisp, cold, and righteously red bottled Americano. Give it a whirl, it’s fun and actually really easy!

What are you up to this fourthajuly?? What fantastic recipes and ideas have you all fired up? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter (@thetableset). You can also always call us with your entertaining questions for the show at 81782fries!

Until next time… Happy fourthajuly!


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