The Table Set is never one to skimp on a holiday. An excuse to party is reason enough to celebrate!
While to many St. Patrick’s Day is a bar holiday, for Nathan it was always first and foremost his big sister Megan’s birthday. Embracing the day, every year meant a corned beef & cabbage feast, but once in junior high school also Kool-Aid-dyed green hair (don’t recommend it – rubs off on clothing, but tastes great!)

If there’s one thing you can’t do March 17th without, the guys agree 100% it’s BEER. Andy unveiled his newest home brew Fraggle Bock, with plans to debut it alongside a fresh batch of Lucky Charms Ice Cream this St. Patty’s.

Green Beer. What is it? Is it safe?? Andy takes it organic with a shot of fresh wheat grass juice. While the color is a healthier shade of green, the brew tasted more grassy than wheat beer. Consider it a work in progress… Unless you can think of other better ways to go green??
Nathan prefers to celebrate with an Irish Coffee, a strong concoction of Irish Whiskey, hot coffee, sugar, and a thin crown of whipping cream. The Buena Vista in San Francisco makes the best one in the states, and even shares their secret recipe.

Of course Irish Cream is an apropos tipple, but try it DIY – the recipe is so easy you’ll probably never buy a bottle again.
You have probably had a Black and Tan – a tasty tandem of Guinness Irish Stout and Bass Pale Ale, but have you had a Black Velvet? Replace that ale with sparkling wine poured carefully over a spoon back and you have one elegant, layered spectacle. On air, Andy broke out some bottles of his favorite porter and stout to try with some bubbly, including Hangar 24’s Chocolate Porter. Though all delicious, Guinness maintains the best separation due to its weighty mass. Just do it!

Andy also likes to eat his Irish stout, baked into this ethereal cake. While his Avocado Chocolate Stout Cake may be famous for its clover green avocado frosting, it starts with the unmistakable rich stout flavor.

Dessert and beer are great, but we have to eat something! No matter the menu, a loaf of Irish Soda Bread is a classic staple. Throwing caution to the wind, Greg suggests Green Eggs and Ham – No, really! Modernist Cuisine queen Salty Seattle makes it a reality with her whimsical recipe. Crazy!

Corned Beef is a no-brainer, but Bar Agricole in San Francisco reimagines it for brunch in this tasty hash with poached eggs and mustard hollandaise. Greg enjoys an Irish breakfast as well, but prefers his eggs baked with rashers & bangers!

Andy likes beer-steamed mussels as a savory starter, made better with a fragrant IPA. For a hearty main consider this Porter-Braised Pot Roast. Greg’s Green Mashed Potatoes and Braised Greens round out the plate nicely.

Potatoes. We can’t forget the potatoes! But have you ever had them for dessert? Greg tried his hand at Daniel Boulud’s Potato Almond Cake. Potatoes add a fluffy texture to this lightweight cake, glazed with vanilla syrup and topped with a chicory-coffee-chocolate whipped cream. In a word: delicious.
Feeling lucky yet?

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6 comments on “Green Beer

  1. Megan Mar 14, 2012

    Kinda funny you talked about beer and bubbly drinks. I do not typically care for Guinness (or other dark stouts), but about a year ago I had my first Snakebite. A snakebite is a shandy style drink made by floating Guinness on top of a dry cider. And surprisingly, I loved it. By the way, did you try floating the Guinness on top of the sparkling wines? All the “Black and Tans” I have had, and the snakebite mentioned above, had the Guinness on top! Also (replying as I listen), you can watch a video on you tube of the Irish coffees being MADE at the Buena Vista (for those who have never seen it in person)….amazing.

  2. So many good ideas in this episode, super yum! And the photos in the Show Notes are gorgeous, as always.
    *Will you please start making & selling t-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘highbrow/lowbrow’ so I can buy one? Thanks!

  3. Casey Mar 15, 2012

    I’m making the Porter Braised Pot Roast as we speak. Thanks for a tasty early St. Paddy’s Day treat. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Another great episode. That picture of the corned beef hash with the egg is drool worthy!

    You wondered in the podcast if clover flowers are edible and yes they are – when we were kids my sister and I used to lay in a field and pull each petal out of big fat red clovers and suck the ends – they taste like honey.

    Hope all your St. Patrick’s Days are lovely!

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