This week the guys hip hop down the bunny trail on their way to a Happy Hipster Easter– with a few party stops along the way.

The first stop comes from Greg who hosted a 60th wedding anniversary at his house. No not his anniversary, but you have to admit 60 years of doing anything with the same person is quite an achievement. To honor that milestone Greg threw a dinner party for the happy couple. It’s Hass season in California so Greg’s seven course menu included a luscious soup made from California Avocados and not much else. It’s a marvel of taste and texture made with just three main ingredients. It’s easy to make and should be a feature of your next dinner party.


Andy can make something out of nothing. But you knew that. Despite The Table Set’s anti-green-beer-stance, Andy and Nathan joined forces to bring a real-life celebrity a St. Paddy’s day dinner to remember.  We can’t say much more (this is Hollywood after all). But we can say vintage Massimo Vignelli plates from Heller made a showing at this special St. Patrick’s Day Where’s The Party. Some of the plates were green, but the way Andy matched the plates to the food is, well… all Andy. Nathan brought the booze and the party was a sensation. After all they served Lucky (Lucky?) Charms.


Of course no matter the holiday, there is always the question of what to wear where…

Nathan and Andy always seem to know the answer. From bow-ties to spittin’ spats, they’re a dapper duo. But Greg struggles. Are the 80s hip again? REALLY? Greg thought he burned that whole era to cinders. But Nathan seems to like something from Greg’s closet. So you just might just see Greg’s purple Bird of Paradise shirt make an appearance at yet another party.

Sippity Sup Bird of Paradise Shirt

Bright colors mean just one thing this time of year. Eggs. Easter Eggs. Greg likes his marbleized. It was his mother’s way of saving those less than pretty orbs. It’s an easy process you can do at home. It’s just oil and vinegar. Two opposing forces that come together to make the prettiest eggs you can imagine.

Easter Eggs Directions

But Nathan knows what his eggs should wear where. And a vintage print from an old necktie is the answer. His sister has an unbelievable process of transplanting patterns from vintage neck wear onto the surface of an egg. You won’t believe it until you see it. So here’s the proof.

vintage print Easter eggs

But what exactly does the word vintage bring to mind when you are talking to The Table Set? Why Betty’s Box of course, and by that we mean Betty Crocker and her box of recipes. Betty’s Box is a frequent guest. In this segment the guys draw inspiration from Betty, just to see if there are modern interpretations of her mid-century, low-brow classics. This week the theme is Easter. What would Betty do for Easter? Nathan goes first and draws ham. Pink and pretty. Betty’s is a ham steak, ringed with pineapple– canned of course. But the guys agree, ham is an Easter classic and something they should be able to work with.

Andy draws a Baked Alaska sort of pie with colorful Easter eggs buried inside. It’s hard to explain, so you’ll just have to listen. There are more colorful orbs in the recipe Greg pulls from the box. Sherbet balls to be exact. They’re served in a punch and all three gents agree– no matter the party a punch is perfect.

Betty Crocker Easter recipes

But molded salads are a bit more difficult to digest– at least intellectually. Nathan draws a card featuring a Jell-O of sorts. It’s filled with carrot and pineapple and it shaped like a horse (or a hippo or a T-Rex) we think. In any case Greg remembers a grade school lunch-line version. It may not have featured the dried American cheese shards that bring Andy and Nathan such joy, but Greg remembers that this particular Jell-O bounced.

Certainly there has to be more to a grown up Easter party than bouncing Jell-O. So Nathan pulls out a book from Bompas & Parr. They are a couple of British “jelly” artists whose book “The Jelly Mongers” may just change the way you look at Jell-O, or “jelly” if you live on their side of the pond.


Which reminds Nathan of an adults only Easter he longs to attend again. The eggs were stuffed with treats for those of us of legal age. Whatever that means. These parties are epic. The host does the Bunny Hop. The guests just get hopped up!

Adult Easter

Last Easter the guys got together. Andy made an epic meal. The Feast of the Many Easter Fishes… oh and deviled eggs. The best deviled eggs of all– proclaimed Greg. Which brings us to this Easter. Just what will these boys do? Perhaps they’ll brunchify it, making it a hipster holiday to remember. Stay tuned and see. Happy Hipster Easter!

deviled eggs


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  1. Hi! I’m a new listener–great show! The egg and toast dish you were wondering about sounds like something my family called creamed eggs. I’ve also seen it called eggs a la goldenrod. You’re right–it’s basically boiled eggs in a white sauce. Here’s one of many recipes online: To kick it up a notch, use bacon grease instead of butter, and then add cooked, diced bacon to the sauce. A great way to start a day of chopping wood or shoveling snow! :)

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