The holidays call for for feasting. This time on The Table Set the guys sit down around an extended table full of friends to celebrate a mish-mash of holidays.

But feasting isn’t the only way to party. There’s also feeding people. Which is what Andy’s been up to in the dessert outside Palm Springs. All that cooking however, led to an angry twitter party of one. Those poor vegetarians just didn’t see it coming…

Nathan’s been partying with the Fame Fatale on her podcast where he tasted “celebrity” wine. Including a red wine from Big Ang who prefers to drink hers with cream soda. The guys spend the podcast calling this concoction a Long Island Sangria but Big Ang is from Staten Island. Here’s her version, which made a surprising appearance as a taste test toward the end of the podcast. You’ll be surprised by the reaction they have to this drink.

Staten Island Sangria

1 part Cabernet Sauvignon

1 part cream soda

Combine in a leopard-spotted glass over ice. Stir. Enjoy.


Speaking of red wine Greg’s been cleaning the house and drinking red wine. Alone. That’s because he was recovering from the latest Table Set dinner party. It was broadly “holiday” themed with a vague nod to the fact that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving could be celebrated together for the first time (and won’t happen again for 70,000 years). It involved a lot of food, a lot of people and a great big mess. Not that he’s complaining, because sitting alone by the fire is a great way to start the holiday season.


Greg’s favorite part of the menu was a cocktail from Elana of the cocktail blog Stir and Strain. Her Averna Highball was a lightly alcoholic sparkler served in the middle of the meal. But there were plenty of other highlights to this meal. All the guests pitched in, each making a course for the menu.



On a previous podcast the guys made a few jokes about a Betty Crocker version of a Baked Alaska. Well, Andy and Elana decided to pitch in together and tackle what started as a joke and ended as a Pecan Pie Baked Alaska. A fitting ending to the holiday feast.


Speaking of Elana, it seems she just didn’t get enough of The Table Set at the Feast the night before. So she pops into the podcast this week bearing gifts. Well cocktails. Including a pear and cardamom vodka cocktail inspired by a Christmas tree (click here for her recipe). Naturally this her Winter Pear Cocktail turns the conversation to other holiday libations like the one Nathan started the Feast party with. He calls his December Dilemma.


Once the cocktails get flowing the conversation turns from Nathan and Elana’s high-brow cocktail selections to a few drinks with more low-brow appeal. How about chocolate wine?


But what’s a party (or even the talk of a party) without music? The Little Gay Record Player brings some unusual holiday cheer of his own. L’chaim?


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4 comments on “Holiday Cocktail Shtik

  1. I was prepared to ask about the little gay record player if it didn’t come up soon. Thanks guys! You made -31 degree Christmas shopping a bit more enjoyable.

  2. Okay, I am at home infusing Campari and heating wine for my cranberries as we speak…in a week I’ll be ready for the December Dilemma. Although I had a bottle of Zin on hand, not Manischewitz, so I am using that.
    Also, I want to try the cream soda and wine. I do enjoy a coke and red wine-I think it is called a kalimotxo in the Basque-if you want to make the lowbrow SOUND highbrow:)

  3. Ok. I made it. I loved it. I eat the cranberries like sweet wino candy. I’m pimping this on my blog if that’s ok, with lots of linkage to you guys.

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