Andy’s at it again with his crazy hippie talk of kombucha!  What now?  Not only did his kombucha turn out drinkably delicious, he’s cooking with it too!  Mussels steamed in kombucha with fennel, heirloom tomato and PEAS FROM MARS (ok, they’re just green garbanzos!)

Peas from Mars

Meanwhile, Nathan was partying in the pinball museum!

Pinball Wizard

There were vintage pinball machines galore, an Evel Knievel cake and even BBQ Tempeh sandwiches!

Tempeh Joe and Beer

Oh, and did we mention it was a party for a friend’s 40th birthday?

40 is no longer “over the hill” like Andy remembers it being back in the day.  In fact, Greg says 40 is the new 25, so a pinball party is completely appropriate.  Or how about a piñata?  Andy’s Mom’s 40th may have been nearly 20 years ago, but even back then she had a piñata at her party!

over the hill diptich

And speaking of piñatas, they’re really a great addition to any birthday.  They’re even better when you craft them yourself, like these masterpieces by Nathan’s sister.

DIY Pinata

Piñata or no, Greg refuses to call a 40th birthday a “landmark” birthday.  “Significant” is his word of choice.  And although he loathes the idea of having a surprise party thrown for him, he successfully surprised his partner Ken on his 40th by inviting all his closest friends and parents to a cabin on the lake.


40 isn’t the only significant birthday.  Nathan fondly remembers his 30th, but not because of the number, but rather because of how many dear friends made it to his “glamping” trip.

Surrounded by Friends

Last year, Andy celebrated his 25th with a 25 course dinner for 25 people.  And he was gifted a bottle of wine from his birth year!


But what of that “significant” number 21?  Greg had more than one 21st birthday, Nathan remembers nothing notable, and Andy passed on drinks for a big plate of sweet potato fries instead!

bday fries

In reality, the number isn’t always what makes a birthday significant.  It’s all about the time, place, people and feeling.  Like when Nathan celebrated his birthday on an airplane on the way back from a fun vacation in Russia.

From Russia with Bday Love

Of course, when you’re a kid, every birthday feels like a significant one, but especially Greg’s 11th birthday on November 11th!


Nathan couldn’t help but look forward to the exciting cakes that his Mom would always make for him.


And Andy was all about the stylish birthday hats.


Andy has an idea for his birthday this year: a Brunch for Dinner Party!  Naturally he’s commissioning Nathan to do the drinks.  So what is on Nathan’s mind and in Nathan’s liquor cabinet?  Aquavit for a very non-traditional Bloody Mary.


And it wouldn’t be a birthday without singing that special song.  Never has it sounded sweeter then from the speaker of the Little Gay Record Player.


So, how old are you now?

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4 comments on “How Old Are You Now?

  1. Bill B. Sep 5, 2012

    Andy and Team! Great blog–much better than a FB Timeline! Reminds me that my “Big-61″ arrives soon! Stay well and good cheer for next birthdays!

  2. Linda Sep 5, 2012

    Loved it! And — 50 is NOT “over the hill.”

  3. Nicole Oct 10, 2012

    Listening to this podcast for the first time, I was so excited to hear about Andy’s love for Jefferson Market in Ann Arbor. As a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, I love hearing about all things U-M and A2. I, too, loved going to Jefferson Market, which you’ll be happy to know, is back in business! I’m not sure when it got going again, but I discovered it last year. Unfortunately, I never got to try their sweet potato fries (I’m not sure if they still serve those), but their Sunday brunches and cakes were always such a treat!

  4. Annie Oct 15, 2012

    I just love this podcast! I hope you all come back soon because I miss you!

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