Love is in the air.
But while the Table Set boys are all slightly curmudgeon-y about the commercial construction of Vday (listen to last year’s Pink Paper Hearts episode), who doesn’t like the idea of staying in and getting cozy with loved ones? Yes, Winter Warmer is carrying over this week. Light that fire. Chill the wine. Warm the cheese(?). Yes, siree.

Andy has been obsessed with the idea of a raclette party ever since it first came up on the show. So keeping with tradition, The Table Set called on their favorite valentines for a double date rematch again this year: The Because Show. Yes, these ladies know how to party; When Andy added that it was to be a pajama party, their response was “bras or not?” Plus Amy brought her mom!

Of course no party would be complete without effervescent Arica, the brilliant artist responsible for the uncanny capture of The Table Set’s likeness, above. Was she happy about raclette? You bet!

Nothing sets the scene for romance and sexy haiku writing like a roaring fireplace and The Little Gay Record Player. The latter was also responsible for a sneak attack of Rick Astley. Amy was so inspired, she wrote a haiku about it:

                                                      A tiny sparrow
                                           Sings like a big black raven
                                                  Rock on, ginger bird!

While Andy melted the brick of cheese in the flames, the pajama-clad masses patiently sipped bubbly and snacked on Spanish chorizo, roasted root vegetables, and cornichons, awaiting their turn to partake in the melty delight that IS raclette.

Of course another promise was kept – Yep, Greg made it. Dilled. Torsk. And it was delicious! The group got rosy cheeks not only from the fire and the wine, but also from shots of Bols Genever. Kopstoot!

As promised – the group bed shot. This happened. Big love!

An overly-chatty [drunk?] Nathan proposed some other ideas for an alternative Vday. Tiki -his favorite- is great for parties of two. One Volcano Bowl, two straws! Done. This year’s release of My Bloody Valentine ale from Alesmith comes just in time for a pairing of the most romantic horror flick ever, by the same name (but do yourself a favor and skip the remake – 1981 is where it’s at). Also, serendipitously, the iconic noise-love band My Bloody Valentine just released their first album in 21 years! No question what kind of pink noise to fill your background with this year.

But if shoegaze isn’t your thing, let the tender lover The Little Gay Record Player serenade you with his sweet sweet vintage tunes.

Haikus. Where you at? Share some haiku love with us, about Rick Astley or otherwise, in the comments below. C’mon, it’s fun!

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2 comments on “It’s a Hot Mess

  1. Heather Feb 18, 2013

    I tried to crash this party, but amy said ” no”

  2. love the armchair!!!!

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