It’s that time of year. The start of the Holidays and the colossal eating marathon that makes The Table Set feel like it’s them against all that food. It’s hard not to overindulge. In order to train for the eating season the guys decide to hit up an all you can eat “seafood” place in Hollywood with the unlikely name of Vegas Buffet.


Vegas Buffet doesn’t exactly turn out to be what they had in mind when they planned this evening of gluttony. Greg takes credit for the eating frenzy he inspired. He was the one who suggested this particular establishment. But what he really wants to talk about is that other Vegas. That den of overindulgence. You either love it you hate it. The Table Set can’t quite decide where they fall on that question. But they do agree there are some happening spots in Sin City. Many of them are off the strip, in the newly emerging old “downtown” area of Vegas. Greg likes Atomic Liquor (read more here). Next time you’re in town pop in for a bit of old school Vegas.

Greg "loves" Vegas

Atomic Liquor

At least the overeating extravaganza inspired them to do some tummy stretching before the holiday. This year (due to a strange quirk of the calender) the first night of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving. The co-mingling of the festival of lights with all that gratitude means the guys get to create their own version of Thanksgivukkah. After all, this alignment won’t happen again for another 70,000 years. If that’s not an excuse to overeat, nothing is.


This Thanksgiving Andy is staying in this country for once. He really is celebrating a Jewish Hanukkah Thanksgiving. Of course Andy (Hanukkah or not) has all kinds of great gastronomique ideas for indulging (or even overindulging) in Thanksgivukkah this year. How about his version of Turkey Matzo Ball Soup with Thanksgiving stuffing forming the balls. Which may (or may not) contain matzo. To be decided…

He also thinks sweet potato latkes is a good idea. Greg agrees. Here’s his version of Non-Traditional Sweet Potato Latkes. Which fits right in with Greg’s other traditionally un-traditional ideas about the holiday. He has a new soup he’s excited about sharing. It’s a creamy pumpkin soup. Feel free to overindulge with this one– there’s no cream in it. It’s vegan. Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone.

Roast Pumpkin Soup

Nathan plans to be in China for Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t stop him from peeking into his liquor cabinet. How about a Winter Sangria with red wine and Sichuan Peppercorns? Sichuan Peppercorns are from China. See where this is going? If not, tune in…

Thanksgivukkah should include Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins). Andy’s version involves ice cream. So eat all you want. It only comes once every 70,000 years.

Which brings us to Greg’s new book. Savory Cocktails (order a copy here). There are plenty of seasonal cocktails in this book, including a perfectly autumnal Autumn Ash, with apple brandy. As well Andy’s contribution to the book, a perfectly appropriate savory cocktail called A Savory Cocktail. It’s made with gin infused with the herb, savory.

Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry

So that brings us to Where’s the Party? It comes at the end of this episode. Greg went to the wine country of Mexico and stayed at the luxurious, but thoroughly eco-friendly Encuentro. Yes, Mexico. Nathan moved (enough said) and Andy had an open relationship with another podcast. Hmmm… Where’s the party?


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