It’s time to celebrate Christmas. Or at least Christmas Eve Eve. Because in this time of hustle and bustle it can be hard to carve out time on the big day to celebrate with all of your friends and family in some special way. That’s why there’s always December 23. Christmas Eve Eve happens anytime the the holiday spirits moves you and there are a multitude of ways to celebrate it. Andy may have coined the phrase, but Greg’s been celebrating this little known holiday in his pajamas since he was young enough to, well– wear pajamas.
Speaking of parties Greg, Nathan and Andy have been on the party circuit in a global way. Listen up if want to know what torture, gourmet popcorn and turkeys ‘down under’ have in common.
Did you tune in to last year’s episode lovingly known as Xmas? If you did then you know that the guys planned an epic Christmas party for their friends (and their friend’s friends). Have you ever wondered how it went? Well this year a little secret gets sliped and we find out that epic fun might be epic, but sometimes it’s just too much fun. So this year The Table Set pledges NO BIG PARTIES. NO. NO. NO.
But there has to be a way these three ‘dark hipsters’ can make merry this holiday season without too much of too much. Sure there’s frozen ravioli. But does that really say ‘Christmas’? Carols get everyone in the spirit, though Andy claims to have a very low tolerance for the genre. But that didn’t stop him from picking up some holiday vinyl for a date with the Little Gay Record Player. Polka, it ain’t, and Nathan’s not dancing. Though naturally he has some musical suggestions, the likes of which Bing Crosby never considered. Check out his playlist by clicking on the ‘album cover’ below.
If music’s not your thing. What about snuggling up and watching a movie. Make it a Christmas classic if you like. Jimmy Stewart jumps off that bridge every year in It’s a Wonderful Life just so angels can get their wings. If you don’t believe it’s true, just tune in and listen to Nathan say it. You’ll never hear a bell ring in quite the same way. Which is truly magical. But nothing warms Nathan’s holiday heart quite like a dive bar decorated for Christmas. Oh come all ye faithful…
Which may sound cheesy. But not nearly cheesy enough for Andy. Andy wants to explore a traditional style Swiss Raclette party. Nathan likes the idea, because gooey cheese by the fire with friends does sound like a nice, low key way to celebrate.


From Classic Swiss Fondue to something a bit edgier like Farmhouse Cheddar and Irish Stout Fondue with New Potatoes Greg likes to call his melted cheese fondue. He fondly remembers fondue parties of his youth. Though Nathan found the wine in his mother’s version a bit too much for his young palate. My how things change! Speaking of fondue. The guys decide to pull out the hot pot this week and see what Betty Crocker might do with a fondue. It seems Betty liked to fondue in a global way.

All these parties sound great. But how will the guys mark the holiday this year? Well, Nathan looked into his liquor cabinet and decided to infuse some of those sweet and chewy ‘Swedish Fish’ into vodka. Now that’s a feast of fishes, which is exactly what these guys have in mind. The Feast of the Seven Fishes is a traditional Italian way to celebrate the holiday and Greg thinks it’s the perfect concept for an elegant, small scale Christmas celebration for close friends. Seven cooks. Seven courses. All of it seafood. The very best wild-caught, sustainable seafood from Alaska.
Food is great, but we all know that this is the season for giving (and getting). Which makes Greg suddenly remember that Andy hasn’t been the only one celebrating Christmas Eve Eve. Greg’s mom let him and his little brother and sister open one present from under the tree every year on the 23rd of December. That present was always pajamas. Guaranteeing that those Christmas Eve and Christmas Day photos would feature three kids looking their very best in brand new pajamas. Which is a sweet story, but if your looking for something special for the adults in your life, and pajamas just don’t feel right– Nathan has put together a gift guide from The Table Set.

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4 comments on “New Pajamas

  1. Nathan, the sweet/salty popcorn called Chicago mix is a combo of cheese and caramel popcorn varieties….and is especially delicious from Garrett’s Popcorn in the city. I read that Cracker Jack, with caramel corn and peanuts, was a big hit at the 1893 Chicago world’s fair, coincidentally, but Garrett’s did not come into being until he mid-twentieth century.

  2. I’ve been in Texas chowing the Tex-Mex, so when you guys were joking about American Fondue all I could think of was queso! Order it at any Tex-Mex place and I’m pretty sure they actually use Velveeta(at least it is yellow enough and I read that in a Tex-Mex cookbook). Of course the chili peppers in there make it even more delectable in all it’s melty goodness.
    If you think about it actually, Tex-Mex queso, what with the tortilla chips to dip, kind of is the American answer to fondue…

  3. I had no idea Boxing Day isn’t celebrated in America! It’s the best day – open houses, brunches, leftovers, 2nd tier inlaw dinners, staying in your PJs all day eating and watching DVD box sets. Who knew it was just a Commonwealth thing – here in Canada it’s even a stat holiday people get it off with pay! You all should adopt it as your own!

  4. Hi! I found Joy’s podcast at Christmas and finished listening to all their old episodes this week. I had an empty hole in my podcast entertainment which I filled with your delightful podcast. Your warm Christmas memories made me smile and I giggled out loud (earning some glares from my coworkers). I’m looking forward to listening to more!

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