The guys at The Table Set spent an evening of nightswimming at a Ceviche Pool Party. The party (and the pool) were at Greg’s house, but the inspiration for this party was a world away. But before we get to that… aren’t you wondering– “Where’s the Party?”

Well, for Andy it was the second installment of his popular Tiki-Themed, Los Angeles dinner club, The Coconut Club. Colorful surroundings, creative food, gorgeous Tiki drinks and of course a dinner gong. Of course.

The Coconut Club


Greg’s party was equally fanciful. It was an East Coast style clam bake birthday celebration in a Pasadena, California desert landscape garden. The overflowing abundance of lobster, clams and mussels brought the kind of drama every seafood lover craves. But there was drama with Greg’s contribution too. He made a 5-layer tall Red Velvet Cake that had to be transported across town on a 95 degree day. Which isn’t recommended for those without excellent driving skills and nerves of steel. However, you can make one at home using Greg’s recipe. If you want to make it a towering 5-layers high, you’ll need to double the recipe. See notes on recipe.

clam bake

Red Velvet Cake from The Table Set Podcast

Nathan’s become a Brunch Ambassador. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s working with Aperol to introduce the Los Angeles brunch crowd to that beloved European sparkler, The Aperol Spritz. His “job” requires him to take his friends out to brunch every weekend and keep them happy with an Aperol Spritz (or two). Nathan lands all the great opportunities.

For this week’s brunch Nathan took Andy and Greg to a Los Angles institution, El Cid. This old-school Hollywood hillside restaurant has been delivering Flamenco dancing (along with the exotic delights of Andalusia, Spain) for more than 50 years. It can probably survive an afternoon with The Table Set.
Aperol Brunch Society The Table Set Podcast

Flamenco El Cid

That’s quite a few parties. But now it’s time for the main attraction. The Ceviche Pool Party. The concept was simple. When summer heats up, find ways to cool down. A simple weeknight pool party is a fine way to cool down. But keeping it simple is the trick. Ceviche (and gazpacho) can be made ahead of time– waiting in the refrigerator until you get home. All you need is a few hot and thirsty friends and neighbors, raw fish and yes, a swimming pool. Watch the video and see how it all came off.

Highlights include:

  • The Little Gay Record Player set the mood with REM’s tune Nightswimmimg.
  • Andy’s Fried Yam Chips (big enough for scooping).
  • Nathan’s impeccably made Piscolada Cocktails (his own hybrid of a Pisco Sour and a Pina Colada).
  • Five kinds of ceviche, including a creative vegetarian option from Andy.
  • The grape gazpacho was made with hazelnuts.
  • Everybody loved the peanut salsa Greg brought back from La Guerrerense in Ensenada, Mexico
  • Ceviche can be difficult to pair with wine. The 2012 Gnesa Chardonnay from Brewer-Clifton turned out to be an inspired choice (Thanks Ken and Tamara).
  • We can’t forget dessert. Greg kept it weeknight simple and ordered a banana flan from The Flan King (The Best Flan in LA).

ceviche pool party The Table Set podcast

Ceviche Pool Party The Table Set Podcast

Ceviche Pool Party The Table Set Podcast

poisson cru

Greg misspoke in the podcast. His recipe for the Tahitian-style ceviche known as Poisson Cru does contain lime juice.

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  1. That was SUCH as great night. Night swimming all the way! I was honored to be a part of it.

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