Partying is something perhaps we all take for granted. On this very special ponderous episode of The Table Set the boys examine just how they ended up around Greg’s table, devoted to the art of party. Where did it all begin? But first, of course, where IS the party?


Nathan’s work recently took him across the Pacific for a whirlwind Asian odyssey. Most impactful were his days spent in hot and sultry Taipei, exploring jungly back alleys lined with bakeries, temples, dumpling houses and tea shops, scooters whizzing past. The highlight may have been a second breakfast at the charming Ice Monster – attempting a mango shaved ice behemoth.


Greg also got intentionally lost in a Northern California wood while glamping – or so he thought. No stranger to glamping, Greg’s expectations of jacuzzis and canvas-tented four star accommodations may have fallen short with this “deluxe” tent-cabin, but at least he remembered his pastry bag (sleeping bag, optional).


Andy enjoyed his own non-glamping experience volunteering as he does every summer at an oncology camp up in Michigan. His revelation came while leading kids in song about large drunken forest critters – THIS was a legit party. Without good food, fun drinks, or the accoutrements of fine taste. Game changer!


Clearly we have all been partying for a long time. Greg’s earliest recollections are of his “6 year old Sunday parties” when his parents would drop him off at church and head home for their OWN party. This is also where he was told firmly that Jesus was NOT purple.


But coming of age as an adult and living on one’s own is clearly a defining moment in party ownage. As a young adult, Andy let his food impress while hiding in the kitchen. Sometimes being an adult mean faking it – You have to be a good guest to in turn be a good host. On his recent trip to Michigan Andy endured a community contra dance, and is a better person for it. Nathan recalls similar experiences swing dancing in high school with blue hairs, and Greg of his adolescent days as a “gigolo for old ladies” and surviving boresome cotillion formalities. Ah, the tapestry of life!


To avoid being stuck in the kitchen, Nathan generally prefers hosting with a friend, and one of his favorite co-hosting experience (pre-The Table Set, of course) was his 23rd birthday, entitled “Miami Is Bleeding.” A casual “70s Florida coke den” theme was expertly crafted with the help of his co-conspirator Britt (pictured), anchored in a glamorous rented champagne fountain. Super luxe. For Nathan, that day the bar was raised.


Greg got lots of practice in college at FIJI Phi Gamma Delta frat parties. In the end not his party of choice, still it is oddly refreshing to see that legacy trumped maybe not quite fitting into the traditional “frat guy” mold. Secretly, he can drink Andy and Nathan under the beer pong table.


Greg’s go-to college cocktail was the Hop, Skip and Go Naked, a surprisingly timely “lowbrow shandy” and probably best application of Budweiser to date.


Despite Joy’s intro to every episode of The Table Set, the boys have yet to tailgate together! Speaking of Budweiser, looking to The Official Budweiser Cookbook‘s tailgating guide, the boys are hatching a plan…


That’s right, this Fall The Table Set pledge to take their lowbrow game to the next level – parked outside a sporting event for a lil’ highbrow tailgating. Is it possible? Nathan is starting with this update on the classic Jungle Juice – His first experiment since the very beverage caused his first hangover 25 years ago. For this version, American moonshine replaces the dangerous everclear, and Aperol elevates inherently.

Game ON.

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3 comments on “Pre-Game

  1. Bill B. Sep 5, 2013

    Andy and Team! Great episode for fall 2013! The beer/vodka shandy sounds great. I give it a try this weekend in Chicago. Stay well and Happy Birthday! Bill B.

  2. Stephanie Oct 4, 2013

    Greg you’re not the only one drinking low-brow! My family drinks hop, skip and go naked and we love it! Of course my wonderful parents think it’s a high brow drink as it’s considered a ‘mixed cocktail.’

  3. Stephanie- Yay for your folks! (really! I have a soft spot for the drink). GREG

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