Guessing by the title, you might think that this episode is about beer.  Or maybe you are thinking this is an episode on how to get six-pack abs… that it most certainly is not!

No, this episode is about the magic party number: 6!

Half of six is three, and per usual, the gents have three parties to talk about.


Nathan headed out to the desert, but not for Coachella.  No, he was visiting Hicksville  for an “adorable” theme wedding.  The Joshua Tree compound holds an eclectic collection of themed trailers where the wedding guest spent the weekend.  Nathan stayed in a cozy trailer called “The Pioneer” which had an elaborately detailed log cabin decor.   


Greg also journeyed to the dry heat of the South Eastern California desert.  However, the lack of novelty trailer park left Greg #boredinpalmsprings.


Meanwhile, Andy was anything but dry!  He attended the opening party of a new oyster bar called Tipple & Brine thinking that there was a full dinner to be had.  There was, however, something called an “oyster luge” and a whole lot of booze that left Andy still drunk the next morning!

Andy’s memory from that night might be a little hazy, but the idea of oysters got the gents thinking.  Oysters tend to come in half dozens or dozens: multiples of six!  Oysters shucked at home are much less expensive and are a great opener to a six person dinner party.

If oysters are too intimidating for your home dinner, never fear.  There are (half) dozens of other “party of 6″ ideas.  Six people is ideal for dinner party conversation and sharing (bottle of wine, 6 pack of beer, etc.).  So the gents decided to throw a dinner party for 6 people with 6 courses and 6 beverages.  And no, this wasn’t a ‘666’ themed party.


Nathan started the meal with the idea of a “half dozen” eggs.  This cute ceramic egg carton was the perfect serving piece for Chawanmushi (adapted David Chang’s Momofuku recipe) steamed and served in real egg shells.  This savory custard of chicken broth was steamed and topped with shitakes and shiso leaves.


To pair, Nathan created a six ingredient cocktail of plum drinking vinegar, shiso, amontillado sherry, lemon, yuzu & chinese bitters.


For the second course, Greg took the idea of a “three bean salad” and doubled it into a “6 Bean Salad.”   For this update on a Betty Crocker-esque classic, Greg treated each of the 6 beans differently: some raw, some steamed, oil-poached, etc.  Garnished with colorful radishes and paired with a liter bottle of white wine, it was a fresh and beautiful course!  


The refreshing trend continuted with Nathan’s chilled sweet corn buttermilk soup topped with chive blossoms and served with a chaser of Meggyleves Hungarian sour cherry soup.


Maybe you remember these flasks from our “Poco Loco” poker night.  Well, they’re back filled with a peanut-infused old fashioned.  That’s right!  Bourbon infused with roasted peanuts with “6-pack” beer syrup and bitters!


Next up was a dish by Andy that really took the idea of ‘6’ to the extreme: 6 egg yolk cavatelli in 6 meat ragu.  The six meats being chicken, bison, beef, lamb, duck and pork!  He also explains how easy and fun it is to make cavatelli with a cavatelli board.


Andy expressed his love for having chocolate with his Italian food by pairing the pasta with a refreshing Italian soda.  Just an ounce of homemade chocolate syrup, a half ounce of dry marsala and a half ounce of heavy cream poured over ice and topped off with soda water in an 80z glass (jar).


Next, Greg brought out a cheese board.  It could have been easy to pick 6 cheeses to serve, but maybe a little excessive and expensive.  Instead, Greg came up with a smart solution: 3+3=6.  A triple cream cheese and a bleu cheese made from 3 types of milk (sheep, goat and cow) composed this cheese board along with baguette, red walnuts, dates and chestnut honey.  Oh, yeah, and another  bottle of wine split six ways!


Andy transitioned things to dessert with a six ingredient herbal tea.  Fresh apple mint, sliced apple, lemon, cinnamon sticks and dried whole chamomile.  Wait, that’s five ingredients…


Ah, yes- the sixth ingredient: booze!  A curious German floral liqueur served on the side.  It’s cinnamon and spice flavor and warming mouthfeel was a fun compliment to the tea.  


Last but not least, Andy presented a sextet of chocolate truffles.  Yes, they might not look too pretty.  Andy learned the hard way that if you want to make six different truffles, you can’t start 2 hours before the party!  But they did taste quite good and explored a fun variety of flavors: cocoa butter green tea, earl grey milk chocolate, milk chocolate with lavender and rose, dark chocolate with licorice and ground fennel seed, plain dark chocolate and black onyx cocoa dark chocolate.

After a successful ‘party of 6′, the gents were inspired to draw six new party ideas from the Hot Pot.

  1. How about a ‘blue party’ with blue food and blue cocktails.  Or any colored theme for that matter; Greg is ready with just the plates for the job. Heller
  2. Andy is begging for a chocolate party.  Cacao nibs in salad, mole, cacao-infusions… it’s just the beginning!
  3. A Mad Hatter tea party:  a great reason to wear a fun hat and  change seats mid party.
  4. After 6 comes 7… or in this case 70s- 1970s that is.  Inspired by Hollywood’s newest theme bar, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, a 1970s themed party might be on the horizon (and Betty Crocker will be close at hand!).  Spoiler alert: the gents already took a field trip to scope out the scene!davey waynes
  5. A celebrity chef-inspired dinner worth reminiscing about.
  6. Orange Grove.  The words are just bursting with ‘California.’  Greg is imagining an outdoor party with lots of creative uses of oranges!


This week the Little Gay Record Player was also inspired by the number ‘6’.  Vanity 6, that is.  Could a 1980s party also be on the horizon?!?

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  1. I loved the episode! I got so inspired-a friend and I are planning a lavender themed party so the blue party ideas were exciting. You will be invited;)

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