It’s the bewitching season. Time for folks everywhere to get spooked. However, the only things that seem to scare the guys at The Table Set are pumpkin lattes, pumpkin muffins and in Greg’s case, pumpkin pies. These ubiquitous sugar and spice monstrosities seem to be everywhere you turn on the internet and beyond. It’s not such an irrational fear this time of year. Who wouldn’t be scared of 800 calories of processed pumpkin gook squirted into and onto everything you can imagine?

With this in mind, you might find it ironic that this episode starts in a pumpkin patch, literally. However, rather than simply hide out among the corn stalks and open caskets, these boys decide to face their fears– head 0n!


The best ways to tackle your pumpkin anxiety (and other scares from seasonal squash) is to head to the source and cut the problem out by the root (or stem). Because everyone loves to carve pumpkins. After all, there are zero calories in a jack-o’-lantern. So listen as the guys carve pumpkins while sitting around the The Table Set table, discussing the parties they’ve been to since you heard from them last.

As you might expect, the faces of a jack-o’-lantern are as varied as the people who carve them. Nathan’s pumpkin is all angles and harsh demonic eyes. Greg’s work shows a slightly more baffled ghoul, and Andy made a tiki pumpkin to grace the table at his next installment of The Coconut Club.


It’s hard to be afraid of a pumpkin once you have your hands on its innards. So they guys set out to prove that not all pumpkin concoctions are scary. Of course they turn to Betty Crocker to help them prove their point. However this time the Hot Pot may backfire, because there’s nothing quite so scary as a Betty Crocker recipe.


Which means the guys are left to their own creativity when concocting a three-course dinner centered around pumpkins.

Starting with Andy. He tackled the pumpkin recipe challenge with a delicious interpretation of the classic Orange and Black Halloween theme. He filled Squid Ink Pierogies with a tasty pumpkin filling. Proving not all pumpkin gook is scary.


Are you wondering “What’s Inside Nathan’s Liquor Cabinet?”  Then you’re in luck, he’s happy to share a cocktail using his latest seasonal find: Captain Applejack. He’s also anxious to talk about a unique infusion method that just might change the way you shake up a cocktail. His pumpkin infused, sweet apple Jack-o-lada will work wonders in calming your jangled Halloween nerves.


Greg tames his fear of pumpkin with a comfort food classic. It’s hard to be scared of Pasta Carbonara. Instead of egg, Greg’s version uses roasted pumpkin to create a creamy sauce.


But what’s a tale of Halloween fright without a visit somewhere spooky? After years of begging from Andy and Nathan, Greg decides to show them the cellar in his house. Greg is sure it’s haunted by the rats of Halloween past. However, just like the pumpkins in this episode– nothing’s as scary as you think it is.





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One comment on “The Great Pumpkin Episode

  1. Greg!! I have so much to high five you for right now. I just finished the recent Table Set episode and was blown away by your “cut the bottom off the pumpkin” idea! It’s Nov…. so I’ll try it next year!

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