It’s that time again – The Table Set‘s annual holiday party! And while it may not have been cold enough in Los Angeles to light up Greg’s fireplace, the guys had plenty (of brandy!) to keep them warm. This year’s theme? The 12 Days of Christmas!


Of course, twelve days means twelve dishes or drinks to make, yes? Greg took on the brunt, but as is their way, the guys opened up the challenge to their guests, creative potluck-style.


The show-stopper was guest Miyoshi’s beautiful Chocolate-covered Poached Pear Partridges. Talk about taking the bull by the horns!


On the second day of Christmas, Greg made Turtle Doves with homemade “Dove” chocolate-covered ice cream bars and gooey caramel turtles. For the third day, Dijon French Hen Pasta Salad for a light and crunchy reprieve.


We ended up with two entries for Four Calling Birds. Greg prepared Roasted “Calling-Flower” Crostini with Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk Cheese. Guest Kristin prepared a lovely Beet-pickled Deviled Egg with Whipped Kale and Parmesan.


Five! Golden! Rings! From scratch, Andy made Golden Pretzels Rings with Golden Saffron Cheddar Espuma.


Six geese-a-laid an egg in Greg’s divine [duck & chicken] liver Six Geese-a-Laying Pâté – a beautiful hard-cooked egg revealed once sliced into. The favorite bite of the evening may have belonged to Greg’s Seven Swans “Ugly Duckling” Thai Soup Shooter with roasted duck.


For Eight Maids-a-Milking, Nathan couldn’t help but think of Milk Punch, and one of the most festive places on earth – Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Owner, Ti Adelaide Martin once served him her signature Brandy Milk Punch with a wink, and left an indelible mark. This recipe comes from her and Lally Brennan’s book, In The Land of Cocktails.


Guest Elana whipped up a special nine-ingredient Scotch & Sherry Punch that really got the ladies dancing. Guests Peter and Jeff brought the camp with their Lords-a-Leaping (In a Blanket) – One best left up to your own interpretation.


Eleven Pipers Piped Piper-Sonoma sparkling wine – Because it isn’t a holiday party without the bubbly. And last but certainly not least, the kick from some lovingly piquant Drummer’s Drumming Drummettes!


The countdown is already on – How will you celebrate the remaining days??

seasons greetings

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