It’s spring everywhere you look here in Southern California and the gentlemen at The Table Set have all sorts of seasonal entertaining planned. It’s the perfect time of year for parties in Palm Springs. It also seems the birthdays of friends just come faster and faster. Keeping these guys on their toes. So we have a new segment debuting this week. It asks the age old question, “Where’s the Party?”

The Table Set Spring Parties

This week Andy’s answer is: “San Diego for the Port Brewing and Lost Abbey’s 6th Anniversary Party“. It promises all the things that make a party rock, including amazing food, great music, and a tap list that’s “the craft beer equivalent of The Avengers”. Whatever that means!

Garden Parties from The Table Set

But they do hope to do some entertaining right here in Los Angeles too. The season screams garden and Nathan has a jewel box of a garden, just large enough for a few close friends. So it seems a Garden Party is in the works. But a Garden Party is not exactly a new concept. In fact episode 3 of The Table Set saw the guys gathering for a housewarming in Nathan’s then new garden, and Andy made inter-web history with a honey tasting. Held right where the bees do their work– in the garden. Between the 3 of them, The Table Set has probably thrown a thousand garden parties. All it takes is a pretty place and beautiful spring day, right? Well, yes. But sometimes it’s good to have something a bit more. Which means it’s time to turn once again to The Hot Pot for inspiration.

Garden Parties from The Table Set

The Hot Pot is another occasional segment on The Table Set. It’s a melting pot where ideas are thrown randomly together, then drawn one by one from the pot to be discussed for your aural entertainment. Only it’s not really a pot. Thanks to Greg’s impeccable taste it’s a museum quality Jens Quistgaard designed teak salad bowl from the 1960s. I think Don Draper has one. Or did Betty get it in the divorce?

The Table Set and their Hot Pot

pan fried catfish tacos

You’re going to have to listen to the episode to learn exactly what bubbled out of the Hot Pot this week. But here’s a hint, it’s going to be one unusual Garden Party. George Jetson is getting an invitation, as long as he likes Pan-Fried Catfish Tacos. Well he could have shrimp tacos too. That is if Salty Seattle doesn’t eat them all. Because there is nobody more suited to a Futuristic SXSW Rock & Roll themed Garden Party than The Table Set‘s salty friend Linda from Seattle. Talk about a girl who understands seasonal fashion and food. Both the fashion and the food are edible! But do you think George Jetson would approve? By the way WTF is chamber rock!?

Salty Seattle

The Kentucky Derby may have passed The Table Set by this year. But they find bourbon to be inspirational and Nathan is working on a cocktail that references everything he loves about spring. It found it’s inspiration in Derby.

Greg too has been quaffing Kentucky booze. His came in the form of a Louisville Lady. It’s an unusual combination of bourbon and mint ice cream. The version he enjoyed used super herbal homemade spearmint ice cream– as opposed to the mouth freeze of peppermint. It made for a creamy, sophisticated sip. More akin to a good Mint Julep than a sickly sweet Peppermint Patty. He first heard word of this concoction on the Food Blog SmithBites who provided the photo below. But the original source is the new cookbook from Columbus, Ohio’s ice cream mavin Jeni Britton Bauer, and her new cookbook Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home.

jen't Ice Cream Louisville Lady

Oh, and here’s another hint. You could get an invitation to this intimate affair. Just call us at 1-817-82-FRIES and tell why you should attend. If you have our personal cells numbers, well bully for you, but use the Homefries number anyway. Oh, you have to get your own self to this party. This is not a contest or a freebie. But we’ll feed you once you arrive. This party is during the afternoon of June 23, in the Atwater Village section of Los Angeles. We’re serious. But you have to earn an invitation. So call in.

And speaking of good things that come to those who call in. A listener named Jane called in and asked for non-alcoholic pregatini that still has a bit of The Tablet Set panache. Nobody likes the word mocktail– unless they’re drunk. So it’s hard to know what to call this style of non-alcoholic beverage, but you get the idea of what she’s after, right? Each of the guys sat down and started shaking. Not in fear, no. They started shaking up a mocktail. There’s that word again. But– from Andy’s new fashioned Old-Fashioned, to Greg’s spa-like No Gin Martini, without forgetting Nathan’s artful Garden Party inspired take on the subject– the guys did their best.


Recipe Card for a non-alcoholic cocktail called Green Leaf

No Gin Martini Recipe from Sippity Sup

New Old Fashioned from WindAttack

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8 comments on “Where’s the Party?

  1. YEAHHHH! Happy 25th episode!!! Happy ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY – that is major! As Joy and Tracy might say. MAJOR!!! Every single show you guys do is a complete delight.

  2. You guys are amazing and so inspiring!!

  3. Tempa May 16, 2012

    I would love nothing more than to come to your garden party but, alas, I live in Portland and there are no so cal trips in my immediate future *sad face*. Have fun gentleman! I am superfond of all three of you!

  4. Damn, I wanna be at that party SO bad. Sure wish we lived closer. I love you boys. Smooches!

  5. AW thanks for the sweetness! Wish you ALL could come to the partay!!! (Where, drink-wise, there will be less mock and more… UH well, you get the idea!)

  6. AHHH! This is listener Jane, and I just wanted to tell you two things:
    1) Your pregatini ideas blew my mind and exceeded any and all expectations, and
    2) I deeply apologize for calling them “mocktails”, which I agree is an unfortunate term.

    Seriously, the time you took to figure out each of these drinks was above and beyond the cocktail call of duty. I can’t wait to prepare and serve each one, and they may just help me survive this sober summer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    You guys are the best and I adore your show. Happy Anniversary!

  7. … and congratulations to you (if we didn’t say that on the air)! GREG

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